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Louis XIII


Regan Scott

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Louis XIII

By Regan Scott and Shelby Seyler Louis XIII Le Fin Born September 27, 1601 in Chateau de Fontainebleau, France 1617--Louis gets angry with his mother for keeping him from being in power as a child
Exiles mother to Blois, France
1619-1620--She raises two unsuccessful rebellions
Relationship issues are never resolved, largely because Louis exiled her Mother Dearest Oct. 1628--Huguenot stronghold is captured in La Rochelle
1629--Richelieu convinces Louis XIII to lead army into Italy
Pro-Spanish Catholic zealots (lead by Marie de Medici) wanted the king (Louis XIII) to reject Richelieu's policy to support Protestant states The End of Richelieu Louis XII Parents King Henry IV & Maria de Medici Assumption of Throne Henry IV is assassinated May 14, 1610 Louis XIII inherits the throne at age 8 He takes control four years later at age 12 Tying the Knot Married Infantana Ana Mauricia of Austria (Anne of Austria) in 1615
Daughter of Philip III of Spain
Their kids were Louis XIV and Philip Bourbon-Orleans britannica.com archontology.com archontology.com bubbl.us archontology.com The Huguenots Louis XIII supports Catholicism and wants to suppress Protestant states and Hugenots
Dec. 1621--Huguenot rebellion in Southern France
1622--Louis XIII's army captures several Huguenot strongholds
Oct. 1622--Louis XIII calls a truce britannica.com Richelieu Marie de Medici's principal adviser in her rebellions in Blois
Does not have a good relationship with Louis XIII
Sept. 1622--Becomes a cardinal under Louis XIII
However, Louis XIII must rely on Richelieu's judgement
Richelieu is appointed principal minister
Louis XIII's mental instability and poor health leaving Richelieu to dominantly influence the government britannica.com Richelieu Dominates the Land britannica.com Marie de Medici and Gaston (Louis XIII's brother) tried to get Louis to remove Richelieu by attacking him (Richelieu)
Richelieu regains power, punishes his enemies, and sues Marie and Gaston
Gaston flees to Lorraine and Marie flees to Brussles Family Feud nndb.com 1630s--Many attempts are made to overthrow Richelieu
Louis XIII allows Henri d'Effiate, marquis de Cinq-Mars to speak badly of Richelieu but Louis would still not remove Richelieu from power
Dec. 1642--Richelieu dies. nndb.com Everything You Never Knew About Louis XIII Au Revoir Louis XIII May 14 1643--Dies of unknown causes Passes throne to eldest son, Louis XIV nndb.com
Louis XIII ruled the Bourbon dynasty
Louis XIII had a cool goatee/mustache combo
Louis XIII was fond of field sports
Louis XIII was bisexual archontology.org This liquor was named after Louis XIII jimsbottles.com nndb.com Louis XIII and Marie de Medici fortuny.com Louis XIII as a child novelactivist.com Louis XIII gets his face on money! metmuseum.org Richelieu...sitting... commons.wikimedia.org The bodacious bride lisahistory.net (told you he had a rockin' goatee/mustache combo) nndb.com Legal System, Social Structure, and Culture Abolition of purchase and fail of government offices; appointed intendants
New taxation laws
Promoted trade and foreign policy Peasants were starving and dying off while nobles were living lavishly Architecture flourished but sculpting did not
Marie de Medici introduced Italian art to France brittanica.com
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