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Science PBL-Newtons Laws

No description

Hubert N.

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Science PBL-Newtons Laws

Science PBL-Newtons Laws By: Hubert Ning, Matheus Inserra, Dawson Dally, Cody Kohl Our Second Video Why defies Newton's Second Law: Our Third Video Why this defies Newtons Third Law: Our First Video Why this defies Newton's First Law: In the video the kids from Magic School Bus
play baseball without any friction. This defies Newton's first law which states,"An object will remain at rest or move in a straight line with a constant rate unless acted upon a force". In the video the kids play baseball and when they run they never stop due to the fact there's no friction which means there's force that stop it. And the force Newton is talking about in his law is indeed friction. This defies Newton's Second Law which states,"An object acted on by a unbalanced force will accelerate in the direction of the force," because in the video Wile Coyote runs off the cliff and doesn't stop until around 6-7 seconds when he runs off the cliff, finally stopping when he slams into the cliff and falling due to the pull of gravity. In reality, he should of be pulled down immediately due to the force of gravity. Only that it didn't because he wasn't being pulled down to the ground which should of been the force in the video, which is why defies Newtons Second Law. This defies Newtons Third Law which states, "Every action has a equal and opposite reaction," because in the video Mr.Incredible stops the train without even moving back more than a meter, less than surviving as well. This is defies Newtons Third Law because the equal reaction for the on coming train that crashed into him should of been the man being crushed to death, not stopping a train going at full speed. Our Analysis In the experiment video Cody is imitating Mr.Incredible and everyone else is acting as a 6-Man Train. This video mimics the short clip from "The Incredibles" because the "train" is rushing toward Cody as he attempts to stop it. And the action of the train going forward, crashing into Cody, has the reaction of falling over and being crushed by the train which is equal to the action made by the 6-Man pack. Our Analysis Our experiment video shows Cody acting as Wile Coyote when he runs off the cliff. In the cartoon Wile Coyote keeps running when he runs off the cliff, where the force of gravity isn't even pulling him down. Because of this the video defies Newton's Second Law. While in the experiment video, Cody falls down due to the force of gravity which proves the cartoon wrong simply because he was overcome by the pull of gravity. Our Analysis This experiment video is showing Matheus kicking a soccer ball across a field to show that there is friction in this world. By simply showing that there's friction we can prove that the Magic School Bus video defies Newton's First Law because it the ball never stopped, like it did in the experiment video. And the video shows that friction is stopping/slowing the ball down.
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