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3 cultures

No description

Thomas Meyer

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of 3 cultures

Mayans Aztecs Incas Lived in Middle America Really loved dancing Common people were farmers, hunters and soldiers Wear ancient masks. Spoke nearly 300 languages. Had to go to school Each culture had it's own distinct costume. The god they love the most was the Maize god. Children wrwe expected to work hard. Were not always powerful rulers. Became rich and powerful. Tehochtitcian is the largest city. Had garderns and even pools. There were not any cows, sheep and horses in there time. House were buitl around central courtyards. Lived in South America. Had no writing system. Soldiers were armed with short wooden clubs. Most had to pay taxes to the ruler. In the end of the
15th century they
became rich and powerful. Most clothes they wore were made of wool and cotton. BY:THOMAS MEYER Aztec, Maya, Inca
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