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Dance IB Exibition Presentation

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Alex Elatova

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Dance IB Exibition Presentation

Expressing Yourself -

Dance and Music:

Hip - Hop ! Intro Dancing is a type of art where you move your body to the rhythm of music.
Dance is a form of expressing your self. Dancing is a part of life.
There are many types of dancing.

One of the types of dancing found around the world is hip-hop dancing to hip hop music. Expressing yourself
through Music People express themselves by dancing to songs that relate to their life.

Dancing sometimes helps people with emotions or giving ideas.

People also express themselves with dancing within different traditions across the world. Communication with Dancing People use dance to communicate with others.

And to communicate ideas within their traditions and cultures

Dancing is a way to express your creativity.

Dancing helps express people’s emotions.

Sometimes, when people have trouble communicating other ways, they can really turn to dance. Background HIP-HOP AROUND THE WORLD ACTION Hip hop music have lots of different types
of music that can be associated and combined
with hip hop like:

The instruments that go along with hip hop
music are:
-Computer programs for making some of
the beats
-beat boxing

The word "hiphop" came from a rapper (Keith Cowboy)
It was also known as disco rap. By: Robert, Dean, Elycia Hip Hop Dance Other terms:
Breakdance, popping, locking

There are lots of TV shows with Hip-Hop
dance and music

1. Breaking- Created in New york in 1970's
-footwork oriented steps
-hands and feet on the floor
-freezes More Types and terms
for hip hop dance: 2. Locking- created in 1969 in California
- Holding positions longer
- Freezing
- Locking yourself in place for some time 3. Popping: created in California in 1970's
- Jerking moves
- Robotic moves
- Waves
- Sliding Famous Hip hop dancers:
1. Wade Robinson
2. Dan Karaty
3. Brian Fridman AMERICA 1970's - Hip hop became popular in the New York in the 1970's, especially with African American youth
- It is thought that DJ Kool Hurk is the father of hip hop
-Hip hop music is also called rap music
-Rapping is a style that uses rhyme and verse to an instrumental beat
-Hip hop was influences by disco music. 1980's --- 1990's -Hip hop is the golden age now
-Now there is a jazz influence
-Gangsta rap is a subgenre that shows the violent lifestyle of the black youth
-hip hop was the best selling genres in 1999. 2000's --- 2010's -Dr. Dre is an important figure
-others that are important are eminem, nelly and Jay Z France

-hip hop first attended France in 1975.
-France's first major hip hop star was MC Solaar
-A future star was DJ Deenasty

-There was a large carribean and African population that liked hiphop
-Lots of hip hop stations appeared in France in 1982
-Really influenced by America
-France is the world's #2 hip hop
market Background and history Top 5 artists
in France 1. MC Solaar
2. DJ Deenasty
3. Booba
4. Youssoupha
5. La Fouina JAPAN Background and history - started in the 1980's
-Made with vocals, keyboard, computers
-catchy beats, and dancing culture
-fun music
-hip hop is one of the most well known genres in Japan
-Lots of Bredakdancing- appearned in Tokyo in 1983
-Rise of DJ's
-Lots of street break dancing- seen around the world TOP 5 Artists in Japan -Dobo
-DUb Shine
-Rhy Meter
-Sho sakurai
-Do crush ACTION On May 3rd, Elycia, Robert and Dean went to Mr. O's class to teach them dances. We taught them dances called the Spongebob, the spin, and the shuffle. There were 3rd graders there with their 1st grade book buddies. We showed them how to do the dances and they followed along and participated with the dances. Here's the video from the Dance lessons to the class Conclusion Hiphop is global which means that it's seen worldwide
-It plays a huge role in cultures

-It's a way for people to connect, share ideas and communicate
-It's a way for people to have fun
-For enertainment and performance
Everyone in the world can understand dance because it's not a language barrier between countries
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