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The Three Laws of Call of the WIld

No description

Miranda Goll

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of The Three Laws of Call of the WIld

The Three Laws Law of Club Law of Fang Law of Land Law of Club, Fang, and Land The person with the club is in charge. Don't try to fight me! We are not here to fight. On page seven and eight it talks about the man in the red sweater getting ready to fight Buck. "Now you red-eyed devil," he said, when he had made an opening sufficient for the passage of Buck's body. At the same time he dropped the hatchet and shifted the club to his right hand. If you lay down your dead. Say good bye to Edward, because your not going to see him again. Your not going to die now Bella. I'm here to save you. On page fifteen it talks about Curly falling over and then gets eaten by the other dogs. He met her next rush with his chest, in a peculiar fashion that tumbled her off her feet. They closed in upon her, snarling and yelping, and she was buried, screaming with agony, beneath the bristling mass of bodies. Things that happen in nature that can not be stopped. How did this happen to me? I'm sorry bella, I didn't have control of my car. My car slid on the ice in the parking lot. On pade sixtyeight and sixtynine it talks about the whole sled team falling through the ice. They saw Charles turn and make one step to run back, and then a whole section of ice give way and the dogs and humans disappear.
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