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Dove Integrated Marketing Communication Analysis

No description

Lingjun Yang

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Dove Integrated Marketing Communication Analysis

Real Beauty Campaign
Dove- Objectives
Beauty is a source of confidence
Positive self-image
Products deliver real care
Beauty is for everyone

5-pronged strategy
• Promote natural beauty
• Real beauty lies within
• Celebrate unconventional beauty
• Emotional touch
• Power of Social Media


Team #1: With an existing good reputation which leveraged it to produce a successful IMC.
We chose:
Dove and its Real Beauty Campaign
Reputation of making quality products
Financially sound
Scored biggest media wins with its extended “Real Beauty” campaign – which of course, is a perfect example of successful IMC

Priyanki Brahma
Lingjun Yang
Luhan Lin
Yaxian Wang

Owned by Unilever ( NYSE: UN, UL)
Headquartered in London
Products sold in more than 80 countries – both men and women
- Passing on positive feelings of beauty to the girls
- Self-esteem building tool
Dove-SWOT Analysis
• High market share
• Competitive prices
• International brand recognition
• Dove belongs to Unilever
-pool of resources
• Variety of beauty products

• Tough Competition
• Brand image and its limitations
• Critics of the “Real Beauty Campaign”
• Products of Unilever
• Negative Publicity

• New product line
• Market expansion
• Collaborate with other industries

• Not coherent with industry prevailing idea of beauty
• The “fat or fabulous” campaign
• Unilever products pose a threat

Dove Audiences
• All women
• Everyone
• Men

Dove- Tactics
Dove Real Beauty Campaign
Dove Real Beauty Sketches
Digital media marketing
Promotion of ‘real beauty’

Dove Real Beauty Campaign

Dove and Unilever commissioned a global study
- Only 2% of women considered themselves beautiful
- Dove launched Real Beauty Campaign
- Campaign challenged beauty stereotypes
• 2010:
Dove Movement for Self-Esteem
- TV commercials
- Magazine spreads
- Talk shows
- Social Media
• 2014:
10 years of the campaign

RBC - SWOT Analysis
• Unconventional advertising
• Beauty for all
• Recognition – Awards, free publicity

• Target on a small subset
• Contradiction from other products
• Criticism of Hypocrisy

• Beauty products for men
• Single ad globally
• Continuous improvement

• Tough competition
• Body types and definition of beauty

3-pronged strategy
• Natural beauty
• Emotional touch
• Social Media

• Billboards
• Advertisements
• Videos/Films
• Social Media
• Workshops
• Book publication
• Plays
• Discussions/Funds

RBC - Communication Channels

Dove RBC
Integrated Marketing Communication
• Grab attention Keep improving Boost brand image
• Sell an idea - Beauty is for everyone
• Hits the target audience Reaction Publicity
• Message-focused and not compromised by commercialism
• A place for Engagement
• Increase sales Boost reputation
• A responsible act
• Research leads to wonders!
According to Gina Crisanti, one of the women who were photographed for the campaign.

“It [the campaign] encourages the viewer to let go of society’s narrow fantastical idea of beauty, and embrace beautiful reality.”
Latest theme of

Dove RBC
• Celebrate an idea
• Movement
• Media Mix
• Digital Marketing

Public Relations
Social Media

• Promotions
• Sponsorship
• Workshops
• Emotional Appeal
• Audience Focused
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