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Characteristics of the Fennec Fox

No description

whitney working

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of Characteristics of the Fennec Fox

• Homeostasis
• The tendency to regulate internal conditions

• Reguardless of outside conditions

• Cellular respiration
• Maintain life

• Energetic for 15% of the day and sleep for the rest.

• Nocturnal
• How they changed/evolve
• Pattern of growth and development
• Can't start to see until they're 2 weeks old.
• Cells
• Fennec Fox; Mammal, animal cells

• Specialized cells for it's environment

• Eye cells, rods and cones

• Similar DNA as the wolf, which connects it to the domestic dog, but the Fennec fox is not the ancestor of the chihuahua.
Characteristics of the Fennec Fox
• Reproduction
• Sexual Reproduction

• Adaptation to heat

• Kidneys and lack of water

• Ears, body heat
• They can jump up to 2ft. high.
• In the den for 3 months.
• There ears grow faster than anything else, and can get up to 6 inches.
• Normally give birth during the winter months.
• There is normally 4-5 pups in a litter.
• Live in the desert area of North Africa and the Arabian peninsulas.
• Scientific name: Vulpes Zerda
• Life Span: Average of 10 years.
• They can run up to 25mph
• Metabolism
•Smallest wild canid
• How living things respond to environment

• Mother makes pup stay in den for 3 months

• Nocturnal
• Digs up to 20 feet
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