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The shape of tech in High School

Presentation about technology integration at The American School of São Paulo, in its first year as a 1:1 laptop High School . Presented at the European 1-1 Learning Institute,Frankfurt International School.

Silvana Meneghini

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of The shape of tech in High School

Arts - Music ePortfolios Class Sites English Class Project Showcase Individual Portfolio http://www.flickr.com/photos/turatti/5570121722/sizes/n/in/photostream/
Explanation Performance
Video Screencast Feedback
Camstudio, Camtasia Studio ENGLISH http://www.flickr.com/photos/frmedia/6112522777/lightbox/ Record of Performance PE - Health Performance Video ARTS - MUSIC Online Tables Performance
Video PE Math Science Blogs Screencast
Explanation Performance
Video Screencast
Feedback ENGLISH Flipped
Class Performance
Video ARTS - MUSIC Online Tables Performance
Video PE Lang Multimedia History Social media Port, PFL, Spanish French http://www.flickr.com/photos/flowsinc/2249335235/lightbox/ Online
Magazines Video
Subtitles Sliderocket
Presentations Podcasts Video Interviews & Biographies Personalized ELL Blogs Private Health Reflections Tourist Tips IB Language B
News & Comments PE Teacher News Trip Blogs Graphic Organizers TOK Online Tests Math Screencast
Wacom Tablet Pre-Search
Google Doc Statistics
Infographic Graphic Organizer
Prezi Mind Map
Inspiration Inspiration
Organize Notes Collaborative Research
& Annotation Historical
Social Media Profiles Quiz
Google Forms Teacher: Amy Flindt, Chemistry. Diagnostic Assessment
Poll Everywhere Teacher: Amaral Cunha, IB Bio HL. Teacher: Amy Hunt, TOK. Teacher: Amy Flindt, Science. Teacher: Maggie Moraes, TOK. Teacher: Ange Molony, Math Studies. Teacher: Ange Molony, Math. Teacher: Amaral Cunha, IB Bio. Teacher: Caitlin LaFrance, International Relations. Teacher: Charlie Potter, Ideas Shaped Modern World. Online Discussion
Secret Facebook Group Teacher: Amaral Cunha, IB Bio. Teacher: Adriana Silveira, Portuguese 9. Teacher: Deborah Rebello, PFL. Teacher: Laureana Piragine, PFL. Teachers: Laureana Piragine, Adriana Monti, PFL. Teacher: Laureana Piragine, PFL. Teacher: Allisa Mears, English 9 Teacher: Geoff Carpenter, English 9 Teachers: Mary Pfeiffer, English.
Trich Beck, Science. Teacher: Suely Valades. Teachers: Suely Valades
Felipe Futada Teacher: Nedie Mussete, Choir. Teacher: Kendra Gonnerman, ELL. Teacher: Shormila, Health. Teacher: Laureana Piragine, PFL. Teacher: Cris Barros, Portuguese. Teacher: Felipe Futada, PE. Teachers: Alissa Mears, Amy Hunt, Peter Klam, Sandra Stoneman, English 10. Teachers: Jennifer Carpenter, Visual Arts.
Alissa Mears, Geoff Carpenter, English 9. Lessons Teacher: Ange Molony, Math. Student Participation
Project Pages Teacher: Laurena Piragine, PFL. Assignments Teacher: Amaral Cunha, TOK. Science Screencast
Document Camera Teacher: RJ Jensen, Science.
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