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Body Images & Video Games

No description

Rosa Scoma

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Body Images & Video Games

Body Images In Video Games
Too Much of Too Little Clothing
Video Game Examples of Female Body Images
* Dead or Alive Extreme Volleyball
~ Imaginary Standards
~ Mini Games
~ Marketing Strategies
Video Clips
* Marketing Strategy
* Mini Game Example

Male Body Images and Video Game Correlations
* Mortal Kombat & Soul Calibur
~ Franchises Exploitation
~ Sexy Connotation
*Mortal Kombat & Soul Calibur
* Molly Carriker
* Rosa Scoma
* Emilee Hunt
* Isidro Durazo
* Tristan Theys
* Heyam Abed
Societal Influences
Cultural Influences
* Growing up with body image
* Body Image & Success
* Appearance
* Acceptance
* Respect
Athletic Influences
* Athletic Imagery
* Athletic Respect
* Intimidation Factor
Impact of Gender Stereotyping
* Gender Expression: Behaviors which one expresses and interprets as gender-related through their own personal biases
* Absence of women in video games
~ It's not "just a game"
Injustice of Men in Video Games
*WWF Wrestlemania 2000
- Muscle mass
- Impact on body image
*Representation of males as violent
Impact of the Portrayal of Women in Video Games
* Sex-typing of women is more prevalent
-Fragmented bodies
-Cover objectification
* Rape Myth: Concept that a woman “does something” to “deserve” being raped

* Stanford Study
-Sexualized avatars vs. Accurate representations
-Impact of RMA
*Frequency of girls playing video games
-Impact of dopplegänger

*Violence in popular games

*Lack of “reason” to change
Work Cited
The End!

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