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Of Mice and Men

A project revolving around the classic book Of Mice and Men.

Adele S

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Of Mice and Men

What is of Mice and Men about?
2 guys, one George,quick, witty and small
and another large and rather dumb-Lennie.
They dream to have their own ranch
one day but must work at other ranches
to get enough money. A ranch they choose
to work at has rather mean characters,
including the boss's son whose married to
an....outgoing woman. The son, Curley,
believes Lennie is trouble due to his
large apperance when Lennie is a kind
soul. Will Lennie and George get their
own ranch? Will Curley cause trouble? Words to describe this book are
quick, captivating, true, and heartbreaking. Recommened this book?
Yes. It may attract young readers
of today because it is short. The ending is worth reading the whole book anyways. The two characters, George and Lennie are believeable. Lessons learned from this book?
Never judge people from their apperance. Just because someone looks very large and strong, doesn't mean they're going to hurt you. This book opens your eyes to the situation of America
in the 1930's. The depression hit and people were
desperate for some sort of job. George and Lennie
dream of owning their own ranch one day and in
order to achieve their dream, they must work at all
sorts of ranches. They could stay and work at one
ranch for a while, but Lennie always seems to mess
things up somehow. He likes to collect mice and keep
them as pets so he can pet them but they usually are
crushed by his large hands. The book also touches on the topic of friendship.
Would you sacrifice your own dreams for a friend?
Would you sacrifice your friend for your dreams? "Never you mind. A guy got to sometimes."
-Chapter 6.
This quote gives me the impression that
sometimes in life you just gotta do what
you gotta do, whether you like it or not. Of Mice and Men is
all about the American
dream-getting a chance
to make it big, even if
you are very poor. The
question it leaves you
with is how far you
would go to succeed.
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