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Bruno Mars

Favorite Poet/Artist Project

Abby Racoma

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Bruno Mars

His birth name is
Peter Gene Hernandez
Birthday: October 8, 1985
Grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii.
He has successfully sold over 45 million singles worldwide, and has over 1 billion views on YouTube.
Bruno Mars is a 13-time Grammy
Award nominee whose debut album has been certified 39x platinum worldwide,
He is known for working with many genres of music...
"Hawaii is basically in the middle of the world, so you're exposed to every type of music over there." -Bruno Mars
Background Information
His entire family is musical.
Quick Look at:
Bruno mars
Since he was young, he has been
performing on stage.
Since the age of four years old, he has been doing celebrity impersonations
He was even named Little Elvis in MidWeek magazine and tapped to play the younger version of the late singer in 1992 movie "Honeymoon in Vegas".
Bruno attended Roosevelt High School, where he had a small band with friends called, The School Boys, they would go performing in the Ilikai Hotel in Honolulu.
Right after his highschool graduation, Bruno Mars left Hawaii for Los Angeles with dreams of launching his career as a performer.
Bruno Mars met Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine and they formed the hit-songwriting group, "The Smeezingtons."

"I realized that you have to go into this industry as an artist with a clear vision and understanding of who you are. Being so young when I was first signed, I never really had a sense of who I wanted to be. Now things are really working out because everything that I'm singing, writing and composing is really me." -Bruno Mars
Thanks for listening! :)
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