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Periodic function graph

No description

dallesha chestnutt

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Periodic function graph

How does the periodic table show periodic function? In mathematics a periodic function is a function that repeats its values in regular intervals or periods.
The period is represented by a row
on the periodic table.
Periodic tables are used throughout science to describe: oscillations,
waves,& other phenomena that exibit
periodicity. Most of the time, only electrons in the s and p shells affect chemical properties, because they form the valence shell of electrons, which is why periods behave the way they do even with the addition of the transition metals.

The periodic table is similar to a periodic function graph because they both operate by using columns and rows. You can locate certain elements and information by its address. By: Dallesha Chestnutt
Trig. 1st Hour
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