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Society Impacts Technology

No description

Farzad Mustafa

on 4 March 2016

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Transcript of Society Impacts Technology

Artificial Limbs
Used for animal and human prosthetics, for people missing arms/legs. Improving artificial limb technology to absorb things such as shock and to make them more useful and efficient. Also usage of moldable materials for artificla limbs
Portable Cordless Vacuums
Black and Decker created a small cordless vacuum that is quite effective in collecting samples. The vacuum has been designed with a computer program that ensures maximum efficiency with minimal power consumption. This lead to the development of the Dustbuster.
VHS(Video Home System)
Internal Combustion Engine
Society Impacts Technology

Improved Radial Tires
Designed by English inventor George Cayley , in the mid 19th century. Seatbelts were used to ensure safer driving by protecting the driver and passenger from sudden collisions/movements
Goodyear and Rubber company has been working on a new tire that is 5 times stronger than steel. Used in parachute shrouds, the tires have an incredible size to strength proportion
Created by the Victor Company of Japan during the 1970s
Used for analog recordings on video tape casettes. Used for things such as movies, changed the economic mindset of them, since before they were only available in expensive theaters and now they're available for a much cheaper price. Used in TV studios and for medical imaging.
Created by French engineer J. J. Étienne Lenoir in 1680.
This engine is used to create combustion from a fuel air mixture to create propelling energy to fuel a motor. Mainly used in engines for automobiles
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