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Olivia Bozzo

on 21 June 2016

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When I look at this photo I feel unimpressed and angry as this is how the model looks. The composition for this photo is center of interest. I like the different lighting on the background, however I wish the background curtain didn't have all of the waves and bumps in it as there are in the image. I feel like I captured the rembrandt technique well.
When I look at this image I feel a feeling of suspense. My fear of bugs also intensifies as the model strongly resembles an insect in this picture. The composition of this photo is center of interest. I like the way the lighting is different as it aids to the feeling of suspense. If I could change anything I would smooth out the background that way there were no ripples in the curtain.
When I look at this photo, I feel calm. I feel this way because of the calm looks on the peoples faces, as well as the way the blue waves and background match. The composition of this is center of interest because Jack and Rose are the center of interest. Also, I believe that this is rule of thirds as Rose and the iceberg are both off to the sides. I like the way this image was put together, however I don't like how some of the lighting is vastly different in some of the sections. If I could remake this, I would try to make the lighting more similar in each of the sections.
When I look at this photo, I feel calm, as well as intrigued. This image also seems mysterious to me as I don't know what the blue thing really is. This image is rule of thirds, as well as center of interest. I like the way the blue is bright in comparison to the grays and blacks in the background. If I could redo this image, I would get rid of the paper in the top right of the image, I feel as though this distracts from the blue object.
When I look at this image I feel intrigued and I want to pick up the magazine and read it. The composition of this magazine cover is center of interest, as I am the background so that is what people will be immediately drawn to. I like how the pink matches throughout the cover, it gives it a cohesive feel. I also like how the pink and white look together. If I were to redo this I would likely make the images on the sides and bottom smaller, as I feel like it detracts attention from the main story.
1.Three concrete things I've learned this semester are how to be comfortable with Photoshop, different photo compositions (rule of thirds, center of interest etc.), and different lighting techniques (short, broad, butterfly etc).
2. My most successful assignment would be the magazine cover. I think this because the photoshop was done very well (in my opinion) and it looks like a real magazine cover. It was also fun to do and I enjoyed doing it, so that also makes it successful in my opinion.
3. The assignment I found most difficult to complete was the joiner photo. This was because it was difficult to take the pictures in the exact right spot, and also place them together correctly to make it look cohesive and like one image. It was also difficult because I would think that I had all of the shots that I needed, and then I would import them onto my computer and realize that I needed more photos from different angles and with different lighting.
4. What I would change about this course is make less of the assignments religion based, as many of them were this semester, and for non religious people this can be very uninteresting and boring. I would also add in more Photoshop, as well as include utilizing more photography techniques such as longer/shorter shutter speeds, exposure, etc, rather than just reading about them.
Olivia Bozzo
(not DiCiccio)

Macro Photography
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