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Nutrition Project Selenium

No description

Heather Lee

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Nutrition Project Selenium

SELENIUM GFDGS Death of the Polo Ponies 21 of 25 Polo Horses died within 3 hours of Biodyl injections
Minute differences in the dosage turned a simple nutrient into a swift executioner
ASPCA and the Humane Society
What could have caused such a disaster? Function Requirements 0.1-0.3 mg/kg Period. Diseases Nutritional Muscular Dystrophy White Muscle Disease 5 Steps to Diagnose WMD Lethargy in the foal including tounge paralysis
"stilt walking" with arched back
Rapid heart rate (arrhythmia)
labored breething, excessive salivation
Unresponsive, stiff, no breathing....its dead Tying up Monday Morning Disease Rapid pulse
Profuse sweating
Elevated Respiration
Stiff movements
Seizing up of the limbs
Pale gums (CRT)
Brown urine
Flaring nostrils
Muscle spasms 1. Stop you horse from exercizing immediately
2. Determine if your horse will move
3. Most will not
4. Stilted movements are a symptom
5. Wait for vet Symptoms Precautions Chronic Selenium Toxicosis Alkali Disease Dull
Lesions in the keratinized structures (hair and hooves)
rough coat
fragile hair shaft resulting in "bobtails" and roached manes
circular ridges and cracked hooves at the coronary
extremely long, deformed hooves Curving upwards
degeneration of cartilage
reduced fertility
liver serosis
atrophy of the heart
DEATH Symptoms Any Questions? FIN There is a direct relationship between selenium levels in mares and their foals
The National Research Council estimates that a minimum requirement of selenium in horses is...0.1mg/kg of feed consumed Why should you care? How Much are You Feeding Your Horse? A horse that eats 25 pounds a day requires about 1.13mg of selenium LD50 Dosage required to kill 50% of a population (lethal dose) 3.3 mg/kg of body weight or about 1650mg (1.65g) of selenium a day for a 1100 lb horse Hypothetically Speaking.... Ration:
6 lbs of performance concentrate feed: 0.6ppm selenium
15 lbs of grass hay: 0.1ppm selenium
2 oz mineral supplement: 16ppm selenium Math:
6 lbs= 2.7 kg x 0.6ppm= 1.62 mg Selenium
15lbs=6.8 kg x 0.1ppm=0.68 mg Selenium
2 oz=0.0567 kg x 16 ppm=0.91 mg Selenium 1.62mg + 0.68mg + 0.91mg = 3.21mg The FDA Mandates a 0.3mg Selenium MAXIMUM for horses iF A TYPICAL RATION CONTAINS 3.21MG OF SELENIUM.... 0.1 PPM IS THE BARE MINIMUM SELENIUM INTAKE TO PREVENT DEFICIENCIES...
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