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I Will Not Die An Unlived Life

An exploration of growing passion and purpose, by Dawna Markova. Prezi Design by Angie McArthur

Angie McArthur

on 18 May 2012

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Transcript of I Will Not Die An Unlived Life

Will Not Die an Unlived Life

No one can tell you how to find your purpose. It can only emerge slowly, in your own dark sky, in whatever territory is sacred to you, be that church or woods.
Thinking Yourself Home
What is it too soon for?
What is it too late for?
What is it just the right time for?
How much do you want to be free in the home of your own heart and mind?
Losing Yourself to Find Yourself
-Dawna Markova
Prezi Designer- Angie McArthur
Rekindling the Flame
Rekindling the flame of our passion requires melting the frozen ice floes that block us from nurturing what we truly love.
It is not pain that is so hard on our souls, but rather the meaningless suffering that comes from feeling disconnected from a sense of purpose.
Embracing The Mystery
Can we embrace the unanswered? Can we live in the mystery?
Landscapes of the Mind
What story are you telling yourself about the challenges in your life right now?
Rut to River
Sacred Hungers
Sacred hungers keep pushing at our edges, wanting us to let go of the old ways we have kept ourselves secure so we can expand into blossoming the life force that we love.
Listen to the Silence of Inertia
The Open Heart
Silence becomes a loom on which your soul can weave the fabric or purpose into your life.

- Dawna Markova
Divided No More
Passion's Seasons
Anything capable of decay is also capable of regeneration.

The word PASSION becomes three words:
Pass-I-On. It creates the desire to reach, to pass on to the world what you love.
Sheltering Fear
What would it be like to befriend fear with wonder, as if it were a deer in the woods?
Landscape of Your Heart
When I die, I want my heart and soul to be fully seeded with rich stories and experiences. I want to be moving forward, falling upward, leaving my body well worn.
May the grief of loss teach you how to live so that you love your life.
Let Your Wounds Be Your Teachers
Way Opens,
Way Closes
Our limitations as well as our gifts can be great indicators of where and how we should be living our purpose.
May you live your dreams with dignity so you may pass them on to those who turn to you for their future.
We begin and end in authenticity, and in between our task is to find ways to make that authenticity relevant to the world.
The Still-Hungry Heart
There is nothing more precious that any of us can give than love...we will keep practicing, pressing vitality out of every last moment, until we die with a still-hungry heart.
You stand on your own two feet, but you do not stand alone. So many stand behind you. So many beings have sacrificed that you may stand here. So many will come after you whose lives may be richer, fuller, wider and deeper because you risk living what you love.
You Do Not Stand Alone
How are you willing to risk your significance?
What are the environments that bring out the best of who you are?
Let us swing wide all the doors and windows of our hearts...
so that we may learn how to open to life.
May amazement and grace be your daily companions.
'Find' is the wrong word.
I don't think anyone 'finds' joy or tenderness.
Rather we cultivate them by searching for the preciousness of small things, the ordinary miracles that strengthen our hearts, enabling us to stay open to what is difficult.
We all have islands of fear inside us, but we also have continents of wisdom and truth.
inspire you to open your heart and mind to all that you can make possible in the world.
May the conversations that are born from this,
- Dawna Markova
Author of 'I Will Not Die an Unlived Life'
What would a river story be that would shift the axis of your existence so that you could live more alive, serving your purpose?
What are the rut stories, the limiting beliefs that you habitually tell yourself?
"There is no part of creation that does not go through this cycle of falling away, disappering and re-emerging."
I will not die an unlived life
I will not live in fear
Of falling or catching fire.
I choose to inhabit my days,
To allow my living to open me
To make me less afraid,
More accessible
To loosen my heart until it becomes a wing,a torch,
a promise.
I choose to risk my significance;
To live
So that which came to me as seed
Goes to the next as blossom
And that which came to me as blossom,
goes on as fruit
An Exploration of:
Growing Presence, Passion and Purpose

I Will Not Die An Unlived Life
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