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George Bizet

No description

Ileana Lozano

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of George Bizet

A song by him
Childhood facts
George Bizet was a child prodigy and was accepted into Paris's Conservatory of Music at age 10. Both of his parents were musicians.
More about his music
He played the piano and wrote Les Toreador, Carmen, and L'Arle'sienne. He is known for writing Carmen.
Just some more
His musical influence was Gounod and both of his parents. Some childhood facts are:
He got into Paris Conservatory of music at age 10
Both of his parents were musicians
He was born on October 25, 1838 in Paris France

Commonly asked questions answered.
George Bizet wrote symphonies,operas, and piano music. He didn't travel to promote his music ,nor did he have any other jobs.
A little about him
George Bizet was born October 25, 1838 in Paris, France and died June 3, 1875 in Bougival, France. His nationality was European. His musical era was romantic.
George Bizet
By:Ileana Lozano
Interesting facts
Picture slide and resources
Real name is Alexandre César Léopold Georges Bizet
He won theaward "Prix de rome" and stayed in Rome for 2 years
He was a child prodigy
He met Rossini
Carmen was written the same year he died.
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