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Realism vs. Romanticism: Daisy & Gatsby's relationship

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laura hammill

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Realism vs. Romanticism: Daisy & Gatsby's relationship

Conclusion By: Laura Hammill Do you think Gatsby and Daisy's relationship is considered the theme realism or romanticism? Explain. And one more thing... Daisy and Gatsby's relationship was very complicated but as fate made Gatsby a tragic hero, their relationship could no longer flourish.
Realism is what Daisy and Gatsby do to try making their relationship real, for example their American Dreams.
Romanticism is why Gatsby and Daisy do things to make them believe their relationship could work, for example Gatsby's plan to win back Daisy.
Therefore, Daisy and Gatsby's relationship is reflected in both themes realism and romanticism. Daisy and Gatsby's relationship is a demonstrated by realism because of what Gatsby does to achieve his American Dream, the many different ways they cannot be together and the feud between Tom and Gatsby.
The term realism is a theme that is comonly seen throught the Great Gatsby. "American literary realism is characterized by fidelity to an empirical reality assumed to be widely perceived and objectively verifiable, the creation of multidimensional characters, an emphasis on rationality rather than emotion, and a concern with representative human experiences in society rather than in nature. " (Encyclopedia of American Literature: Into the Modern, 1896–1945, vol. 3, Revised Edition. Giles, James R. "realism." In Anderson, George P., Judith S. Baughman, Matthew J. Bruccoli, and Carl Rollyson, eds. Encyclopedia of American Literature, Revised Edition: Into the Modern: 1896–1945, Volume 3. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2008. Bloom's Literary Reference Online. Facts On File, Inc. ) Daisy and Gatsby's relationship is shown through the theme of romanticism because of why he does certain things to win back daisy. For example, his plan to win back Daisy, his perceptive of his life after the war and Daisy's betrayal towards Tom.
Romanticism was an important part to the 1920's. "Romanticism is associated with the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries." (Barney, Brett, and Lisa Paddock, eds. "Romanticism." Encyclopedia of American Literature: The Age of Romanticism and Realism, 1816–1895, vol. 2, Revised Edition) Realism in the Great Gatsby is what the characters do that seem realistic, but the romanticism in the novel is why the characters do certain things that seem crazy. How Daisy and Gatsby's relationship is Realism How Daisy and Gatsby's relationship is romanticism Comparing Romanticism and Realism in Daisy and Gatsby's Relationship Realism vs. Romanticism: Daisy & Gatsby's relationship Daisy Buchanan lived in East Egg with her husband Tom and her child while Jay Gatsby lived in West Egg alone in West Egg making their relationship difficult to flourish.
Their relationship could be considered the theme of realism or romanticism.
Romanticism is a theme where the character lives in a utopia that he or she creates for themselves, Gatsby creates a utopia for himself with Daisy.
Realism is a theme where reality takes over any of the imagination that the character has, Gatsby must realize that he will never have Daisy.
Their relationship consists of realism because of Gatsby's American Dream, the fact that Daisy and Gatsby will never be together and Tom insiting Daisy will never leave him.
Their relationship consists of romanticim beceause of Gatsby's plan to win Daisy back, Gatsby's interpretation of his life after the war and Daisy's way of leading Gatsby on.
The connection between realism and romanticim will display to readers which theme truly represents Daisy and Gatsby's relationship.
Throughtout the novel of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fizgerald, Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan dispaly their relationship and how it is based on romanticisim and realism. Through Gatsby will to achieve his American Dream, and Daisy's indecisiveness to determine what she really wants; money or happiness. Introduction Media Component Tom vs. Gatsby In the novel, Gatsby dreams of different ways to capture Daisy's heart.
He becomes rich and successful, lives in West Egg in a huge house and has many luxerious things within his house just get noticed by Daisy.
By Gatsby fufilling his American Dream he will be able to marry the girl of his dreams, Daisy Buchanan. QUOTE
As shown in the novel when Jordan and Nick have a conversation about Gatsby's house, "'It was a strange coincidence,' I said. 'But it wasn't a coincidence at all.' 'Why not?' 'Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be right across the bay.'" (Fitzgerald, chapter 4, page 77)
Gatsby does this to see Daisy and feel as if he's a part of her life. Also, becoming closer to Daisy helps him belive he will sooner get to his dream. Daisy and Gatsby cannot be together Gatsby's American Dream Gatsby must realize that Daisy is married to Tom and has a child with him she would never abandon her child to be with another man.
Daisy is superficial and money is the only thing in the world that matters to her.
Tom is a wealthy man that lives in East Egg while Gatsby is a newly rich man who lives in West Egg. Daisy would choose Tom over Gatsby because she wants a man like Tom that has always been rich to care for her. Gatsby's American Dream Tom makes it very clear to Gatsby in chapter 7 that Daisy will never love Gatsby.
Tom allows Daisy to drive in Gatsby's car because Tom knows that he already has Daisy and its a way of showing that Gatsby could never be with Daisy. Daisy's ways of fooling Gatsby Gatsby buys a house and fancy clothes in order to marry Daisy.
This shows romanticism because Gatsby does all these foolish things just to win back a girl he loved for a summer before the war. QUOTE
Daisy is seen as a incompetent and selfish character, you see this in the entire novel. "Suddenly, with a strained sound, Daisy bent her head into shirts and began to cry stormily. 'They're such beautiful shirts.' She sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. 'It makes me sad because I've never seen such - beautiful shirts before.'"
Knowing that Daisy is not crying about his shirts, at this moment she sees how wealthy and changed Gatsby is. This was Gatsby's original plan. She remembers the old times they had and the fact that now she is married to Tom. Gatsby's understanding of his life after the war Gatsby's Plan Many soldiers went off to wear right before the 1920s to serve, just like Gatsby.
Gatsby left the love of his life right before his left, Daisy Buchanan.
Gatsby assumes he will come back from the war to have the beautiful Daisy waiting for him. He learned Daisy is married to Tom Buchanan with a child. Gatsby's understanding of his life after the war

"Romanticism, typically defined by its opposition to classicism, favours the imagination, feelings and intuition." (Barney, Brett, and Lisa Paddock, eds. "Romanticism." Encyclopedia of American Literature: The Age of Romanticism and Realism, 1816–1895, vol. 2, Revised Edition. New York: Facts On File, Inc., 2008. Bloom's Literary Reference Online. Facts On File, Inc. )
One could see this in the Great Gatsby by all the foolish things Gatsby does to capture Daisy's heart. When Gatsby does all the amazing things to show how much he loves Daisy, he favours the imagination in his life rather than thinking realistically. Throughout the book Daisy gives hints to Gatsby letting him believe that he could have another chance with the love of his life.
Daisy shows her true self when she cries in front of Gatsby over his shirts, Daisy kisses Gatsby in front of Nick and Jordan and lastly she chooses to ride in Gatsby's car instead of Tom's car.
Gatsby believes he had won till Tom tells Gatsby, Daisy will never leave him for a man who lives in West Egg even though she has a husband in East Egg and they have a child.
Though Gatsby still believes he has a chance with her showing the crazy love struck side of Gatsby. The phrase love is blind is used in our everyday lives.
The phrase love is blind can be used in the Great Gatsby for when Daisy falls in love with Gatsby.
Daisy fell for Tom because of his money, status and class.
Daisy fell for Gatsby because of his personality.
This would be an example of falling in love blindly.
Love makes people do crazy things, for example Gatsby buying the house to be noticed by Daisy and Daisy cheating on Tom with Gatsby.
Love is blind is a great example as to why Gatsby does crazy things to get noticed by Daisy and for that reason love is blind is displayed through the theme of romanticism. Visual Component Daisy and Tom vs. Daisy and Gatsby Daisy and Gatsby's Dream Both Daisy and Gatsby have very farfetched American Dreams.
Gatsby's American Dream is to be rich and successful in order to marry Daisy. Daisy's American Dream includes her marrying a rich man and being beautiful.
The American Dream being realism but the reason for their American Dreams being romanticism. Daisy and Gatsby inevitably cannot be together Daisy and Gatsby cannot be together because of Daisy's relationship status with Tom even Gatsby knowing that he still tries everything to win her back.
The realistic reason why they cannot be together is Daisy is married to Tom with a daughter, though the romanticism theme affects Gatsby's judgement after the war letting him think that Daisy would be there waiting for him.
Also, at the end of the novel Gatsby becomes a tragic hero and dies, letting him and Daisy have no chance of being together again. Daisy and Tom are married with a child, though Daisy and Gatsby had a summer fling before he went off to war. The summer fling continues after the war when Daisy and Gatsby reconnect again.
Daisy must choose which man she wants to be with.
Tom shows his arrogant side of him and makes it very clear to Gatsby that he already has Daisy, he does this by letting her go into Gatsby's car instead of his.
Daisy flirts with Gatsby constantly allowing him to think he is going to win Daisy. Daisy and Tom vs. Daisy and Gatsby QUOTE
Daisy shows her affection towards Gatsby in public for the first time in chapter 7 in the novel. "As he left the room again she got up and went over to Gatsby and pulled his face down, kissing him on the mouth. 'You know I love you.' she murmured." (Fitzgerald, chapter 7, pg 111)
After Daisy sees how Gatsby is a changed man, she sees herself being with a man like him.
They end up having an affair, letting Gatsby to think he won her back by Daisy kissing him and telling Gatsby that she loves him.
Later into the book we realize Daisy would never leave Tom. Gatsby's Plan From a movie called, The Notebook.
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