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Year 9 End of Year Awards

No description

Paul Sheffield

on 7 July 2016

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Transcript of Year 9 End of Year Awards

Year 9 End of Year Awards
100% Attendance
Mrs Manley
Academic: Jack Nicholson
Effort: Ella-Mae Miller
Community: Jessica Cainey
Mrs Gilbrook
Academic: Melanie Alton

Effort: Ben Pattie

Community: James Gadd

Mrs Gorrin
Academic: Caitlin

Effort: Louise W R

Community: Kaavya
Mrs Fry/Cater
Academic- Lauren McNulty

Effort- Ryan Compton

Community- Beth Eyre
Mrs Carthew
Ellie Bailey & Aaron Boettgar for attitude
Jimmy Arscott for academic
James Parnell for community.
Mrs Rogers
Academic- Megan Lear

Effort- George Fradd

Community- Jodie Holmes

Good egg award- Mia Reading
Allton, Melanie 9LVG
Compton, Ryan 9VJG
Feasby, Declan 9KMM
Gadd, James 9LVG
Hadley, Matthew 9LRO
Hutchings, Benjamin 9LVG

90% attendance means that he is absent from lessons for
the equivalent of one half day every week.

In Yr 7 he missed the equivalent of four whole weeks
(half a term)

If Nathan continued this pattern then over five years he will miss the equivalent of about one half of a school year

9KMM - 96.42%
9LRO - 95.88%
9LVG - 96.34%
9MLC- 96.59%
9RSG - 96.19%
Tutor Groups
I Don't get....
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