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Hero's Journey of Ender's Game

No description

Jeevan Kaur

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey of Ender's Game

Tests and The Supreme Ordeal
"The hero must progressively overcome obstacles or test, that help them prepare for the supreme ordeal or the final test in order to fulfill his or her journey."

Hero's Journey
The Ordinary World
The Call To Adventure
"For heroes to begin their journey, they must be called out of their ordinary world by something or someone."
Master of Two Worlds/ Restoring the World
"After surpassing all challenges, the hero often becomes the master of two world (ordinary and new), and are known as legends or great heroes."
Refusal of the Quest
"Where our hero try to deny their destinies and run away, refusing the call for adventure usually out of fear of the unknown."
Entering the Unknown
"After accepting the call, our hero gets taken to a new world, where everything is unfamiliar, mysterious and unknown and is usually the place where he or she has to complete their journey.
Accepting the Call
"A unique and special item, given to our hero to help them fulfill their journey."
Reward and Journey Home
"After passing the supreme ordeal, the hero is rewarded and then must return back home, which could be another obstacle itself."
"Are any supporting characters that help or assist the hero throughout their journey."
Supernatural Aid
"This aid doesn't have to be supernatural, it could be anyone or anything that acts as a guide to help our heroes throughout the journey, but not necessarily fulfill it.

"The world where our hero originally lives, but is out-of-place and posses some sort of ability that makes him/her different from others."
"Our hero learns to accept the call for adventure and sets out to fulfill his or her journey."
In Ender's game, Ender's ordinary world is planet Earth, where he gets recruited into a program called "International Fleet". This program trains the world's smartest children to become great leaders and commanders. At school Ender feels far apart and is an outcast from everyone else. "He may be a genius but we need someone the others will follow, a leader. He can't win on his own." -Major Gwen Anderson. He gets bullied by his classmate, Stilson, who provokes Ender to savagely beat him up, after he gets taken out of the IF program. At home, he is known as the "third child" with two elder siblings, Valentine and Peter. "I'm a third. I shouldn't have ever been born." -Ender Wiggin. Ender gets harassed and tormented by his brother Peter, who's jealous of Ender's accomplishments. "I should have been chosen." -Peter Wiggin. Ender's only hope and inspiration is Valentine, who encourages and comforts Ender through his rough times.
Ender's Game
For Ender, the first call to adventure is when he gets called to the infirmary to get his monitor removed, meaning he gets taken out of the program. This could be considered the first call because this scene shows the first change for Ender, who is being pulled away from his "ordinary world", like ending one thing to start another. However, the main call to adventure for Ender is when he gets recruited by Colonel Graff, who believes that Ender that is "the one" and will become one of the greatest leaders of all time. "Now watch through his eyes and listen through his ears. I'm telling you..he's the one." says Colonel Graff and that's where he begins his journey.
Refusal of the Quest is one of the stages in this story, that differentiates from the ordinary hero's journey. This stage usually occurs to the heroes after the call of adventure, but in Ender's Game the refusal happends later in the story. After Ender agrees to go to battle school, his progress and cultivation through his learning is extremely magnificent, but then he slowly starts to show sides of himself that he too fears. The first sign was when he takes the test for the mind games, which monitors his psychological state of mind. The test was to given to see how Ender would react to a given scenarios, with no possible solution. Frustrated with the game Ender kills the avatar host of the game. "That's what they want from us." Ender explains "follow the rules you lose, choose valance you win". The final sign though, is when Ender is provoked into a fight with Bonzo, who ends up in a critcal state between life and death, that's when Ender starts to fear himself and wants to run away, he doesn't want to become like his brother, Peter, a vicious killer.
After Ender refuses to further take part in battle school, Colonel Graff uses Valentine, Ender's motivation, to convince Ender back into training. "I don't think you hiding here just because you care about Bonzo." Valentine says to Ender "I think your hiding because your afraid. Afraid you don't know your enemy, afraid you might lose, but what if your the next Mazer Rackham? You can't hide here forever. If you stay here and don't try, then we will all be lost." This consolation from Valentine, convinces Ender to go back and fight to save his loved ones, he accepts the call.
Entering the Unknown, occurs two time in this movie. First, when Ender accepts the call for Battle school and gets taken into space for training. Every aspect of this environment is different, there are new people, compressed space, unfamiliar and mysterious world with unknown limits, food, etc. The second Entering the unknown is when Ender is taken to Command School on Planet Eros, this environment was used to create simulations, so that Commanders, such as Ender could train and learn from. Since it's a new planet, everything for Ender took time to get use to, comfortable with and adapt to.
In Ender's game, there are two main supernatural aiders, one being Colonel Graff and the second, Mazer Racham. Colonel Graff, acts as a guide throughout all of Ender's journey. He sees and believes in Ender's potential more than anyone else and helps him to succeed in all aspects, by providing Ender with all that he needs. Though, Colonel Graff manipulates Ender countless numbers of times, he truly believe that the Fromics (the aliens), are a threats to mankind and goes to whatever means possible to stop them from attacking Earth. Mazer Rackham is Ender's teacher, he had won the battle from the Fromics fifty years ago, now he trains Ender to do the same. As told in the story Mazer Rackham is one of Ender's hero and someone he really looks up to for help and inspiration.
This stage is another difference that Ender's game has with the hero's journey. Unlike most stories, Ender doesn't have any sort of talisman that helps him fulfill his journey. However, the most aid he gets from an item is his monitor. This monitor is the representation of Ender's first separation from his ordinary world. It is also the device used in the movie, through which the Fromics queen used to contact or try to communicate with Ender, in aid for her planet. The monitor could be considered the most relevant item that helped Ender with his journey.
Ender has many allies and helpers throughout the entire movie. First of the allies would be Ender's Army. This army was created by Colonel Graff, in order to help Ender develop his leading skill and become a commander of a full army. This army consisted of five main members, Bean, Petra, Dink, Alai and Bernard. They excuted plans and orders given to them by Ender to assist him in winning and training for the future battle against the Formics. Another one of Ender's helpers was Ender's sister Valentine, who encourages and support Ender. She acts as an motivation to keep him going and fulfilling his goal.
Ender, throughout the entire movie faces many obstacles and tests. One of the first being battle school and training along with a dozen other unknown people to become a commander and eventually lead an army. The second was command school where Ender is forced to go beyond his abilities as a commander in order to win the war. Other than traning, Ender also faces many emotional hurdles. Example; getting his emotions under control, so he doesn't make a rational mistake like Peter, or learning to become accepted by other poeple in order to be a leader and give orders. The Supreme Ordeal in this movie overall was to prepare and win the future battle/war against the Formics beacuse of the outcome of the invasion that occured fifty years ago.
At the end of the movie, Ender had won the battle against the Formics. However, Ender was manipulated by Colonel Graff, who lied to Ender that this battle was only a simulation. "You will be remembered as a hero" explains Colonel Graff. Destroying the entire planet and eliminating an entire species Ender, undergoes with gulit. He regrets not being able to communicate with the Formics and not knowing his enemy's true intention. "I will bear the shame of this genocide forever." says Ender.
When Ender wins the war against the aliens, he is considered a Hero by the people of his planet, but the guilt inside Ender doesn't feel the same way. Ender then connects his past dreams and mind games with the Formics's queen and realizes the countless number of times the aliens tried to communicate with the humans, but they were ignored, due to misunderstandings. To fix what he caused, Ender sets out on another journey to look for a new planet for the Formics species to live on. "I'll find a new home" promised Ender, and so continues his journey.
What is the Message?
The main message in Ender's game is that everything, is not what it seems. The whole idea of Ender's game revolves around this unknown atmosphere of what to expect and how to deal with it. The idea of this movie was to train youngsters with fresh minds to become leaders and save the planet from an alien attack. These childern trained for years on years for an unknown attack, from an unknown enemy, with an unknown purpose. The adults also manipulated and lied to the childern countless number of times building limited amount of trust, and unlimited amount of lies. This goes to show that not everything you see, is what it seems to be. In the end the real enemy for these childern would have been the adults instead of the aliens, who made these children into killers and emotional scar their emotions and state of mind.
Who is the intended audience?
The intended audience for this movie are the youngsters or teenages. This movie really reaches out to the teenagers because it describes a life of a teenage kid, who has the potential to become someone great, but is alienated and isolated from others. It also talks about tolerance, empathy and handling stress, everything that a teenager would feel as their responsiblities contuine to grow and the pressure of achieving and being something is extremely stressful and forced apon. This great deal of mixed emotions can sometimes cause a person to have psychological issues. As described with Ender Wiggin, who has to keep his emotions under control, so that he doesn't becoming rational and harm someone in an unwanted and dangerous way.
By: Jeevan.K
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