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Michael Giuggio

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Vita

Vitae Microamerica A Computer Distributor Linguistic lesson.. One of our product lines, TeleVideo Inc. had created a new portable computer, initially rolling it out as the 'TeleTote' ....

..... until all found out that it loosely translated in German to "Portable Coffin". We quickly renamed and relaunched all of our materials and literature and as well! 2 Years Product Manager Managed product opportunities Gordon Hoffstein
Sue Cutler LEGO Systems, Inc Project Engineer Consumer Construction Toy Manufacturer Directed large-scale manufacturing capital account projects and process enhancements. Full project management.
Packaging, business logistics
and molding processes.
International design. LEGO Education / LEGO Virtual Consumer Construction Toy Manufacturer Innovative Educational Experience Supplier Senior Product/ Project Manager Donald Verrastro Edward Reif Ken Olinski Glenn Boswell Some really great colleagues 9 Years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsBLN4eP2Y8 http://www.lego.com/education/school/default.asp?locale=2057&pagename=ict_home&l2id=3_2 Ten Minute Tease Current Pages Mike Giuggio High integrity players... ... many others 7 Years Manager of Engineering rotogravure print manufacturer Full engineering responsibilities. Project Manager of a new facility build. AR Green

Collins Electric

Notch Mechanical President of Suddekor
Andreas Gottzmann Great A few contractors New Product Development Manager Pelican Products/ Hardigg Industries High End Container and Case Manufacturer 1+ Years 4 Years Chris Hopkins Chris Patstone Norm Barstow Bachelor's Degree - Computer Science Master's Degree - Engineering Management/ MBA PMP Certification - in process Associate's Degree in Electronics Technology Graduate Studies in Computer Science Heroes I worked with ...handfulls more... Robert Rasmussen Chris Rogers Chris Maggio Laura Blais Lizbeth Nitschke AR Green
Collins Electric
Notch Mechanical Most images owned by respective companies. Engineering Technician Stephen Smiaroski Rockstars at Hardigg Created new Product Development Group.
Introduced Phase-Gate Process
with full Product Planning and
Project Management. hard fun ! Strategic Innovation Expert
Project Management Product Development /Management Change Agent Culture
Creator Creativity Cultivator Supplier of Demonstrable Pragmatic Results International Business Partnerships TUFTS University National Instruments Discovery Inc. ..to list a few F.I.R.S.T. New Products Delivered: http://www.hardigg.com/AboutNews.htm http://www.suddekorllc.com/about/about.html New Product Development Project Management Program Management Premier Dietary Supplement Brands Developed an Execution of New Product Development Process
Corporate Project Management
Compliance Program
International Initiatives
Strategic Dialogue Process
Risk Analysis Process amazing i-health teammates:
ward naylor
jennifer gaggion
jessica banning
al yanchack innovative CPG environment Project Manager dynamic culture ... and still counting
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