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Steph Gorges

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of France

French Revolution
Napolean Bonaparte
Revolutionary general
Napolonic Wars
Turned France into a dominant power
Coup vs Directory --> First Consul
Consul for life
Emperor of France
Major losses during Napoleonic Wars
Paris captured by Coalition forces
Napoleon forced to give up throne
Exiled to Island of Elba
France still struggling
Escapes from Elba
Hundred Days of rule
Fall of Napoleon
Battle of Waterloo - loses
Coalition restores Louis XVIII
Exiled to St. Helena
The Good
Well liked as revolutionary general
Great military leader & leadership skills
Built a great empire
Napoleonic Code
Brought religious freedoms
Equality for all men
Protected private property
Developed centralized school system
Meeting of Estates General
National Assembly (Constitutional Monarchy)
"Declaration of the Rights of Man ...Citizen"
Convention (Radical - Republic)
Abolished monarchy & executes king/queen
"Reign of Terror"
Robespierre & Committee of Public Safety
The Directory (Conservative - Republic)
Bicameral Legislation - Council of 500/Council of Elders
5 Directors
Executes Robespierre
The Bad
Lack of diplomacy - wars
War expenses
Overextended French military
Death of millions
"Napoleon Complex" - over-confident & egotistical
Abandoned revolutionary ideals
Was Napoleon good or bad for France?
Napoleon's Decline
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