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2nd Semester Prezi Presentation


Nathaniel Lilley

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of 2nd Semester Prezi Presentation

Era 6 Part I 2nd Semester Prezi Presentation Enlightenment Locke was an enlightenment philosopher who believed in democrocy and basic human rights French Revolution Napolean Bonapart led the French people to victory against the government and expanded the French empire Serbian Revolution Greece Revolution The first serbian revolt lasted from the years 1804-1813 and was crushed by the Ottomans After numerous failed attemps Greece finally won their independence from the Ottomans in the year 1832 French Revolution of 1830 and 1848 Napoleon Bonepart's nephew became president of France after the revolution Belgium Revolution Belgium succeded from The Netherlands and became their own kingdom Polish revolution the rebellion was caused by arrogance by the russian government and was quickly crushed by the Russians Haitian revolution The successful rebellion of the haitian people led to the end of slavery in haiti MExican revolution THe Mexicans rebelled against the dictator President Porfino Diaz who had held power fro 31 years brazilian
revolution Brazil had won their independnce from Portugal without any fighting south american revolution Simon Bolivar was the hero of the revolution for uniting armies and conquering the spanish Era 6 part II New Agricultural methods The cotton gin cut down on work and the need for laboreres Industrialization of Britain The steam engine was invented in Britain and was used in trains and other things New economic ways of thinking different economic ways were emerging such as socialism and marxism which eventually led to communism New technology spreading growth of INdustialization some of the inventions that were made to make life easier were the telegraph, the telephone, and the light bulb social impact of the industrial revolution the middle class and the working class were created Attitudes and values during the industrialization labor unions were formed because of poor working conditions and little pay Arts during industrialization examples of the arts during industrialization is Romantisism, impressionism and post-impressionism Germany Germany was rich in natural resouses. The abundence in coal helped its economy grow rapidly Hapsburg empire Nationionalism actually destroyed the hapsburg empire. Ottoman Empire era 6 part III Forms of Imperial rule (4) Indirect, Direct, protectorate, and sphere of influence Africa (Belgian, British, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish) All of Africa was split up at the Berlin conference between european countries within 10 years Ottoman Empire (France, Russia, Germany, Britain)/Imperialism Europeans tried to take land from the Ottoman empire. Ottomans and Russia fought Crimean war Egypt (Britain)/Imperialism Muhammad Ali modernized europe and built the suez canal Persia (Britain and Russia)/Imperialism The Persians had oil which the europeans needed to fuel their industry India (Britain)/imperialism THe British East India company owned most of India China (britain)/Imperialism Britian traded opium to addicted chinese and created a trade deficit for the chinese Japan Matthew PErry opened up U.s trading to Japan Southeast Asia Pacific (Dutch, British, French, US, German, Portuguese) THe europeans split up the souteast Asian islands Era 7 part I WWI: Western front germany used Belgium to pull a sneak attack on France from the north WWI: eastern front some russians were not even given rifles in the battles WWI: balkan front between 600,000 and 1.5 million Armenians died in the Armenian Genocide Technology of modern warfare poison gas killed many people in horrific ways Russian Revolution/ Civil War The Tsar steps down and lenin becomes leader of communist Russia (U.S.S.R) MExican Revolution the dictator, Porfirio Diaz steps down and the PRI becomes the main political party TUrkey and persia modernize Ataturk modernizes turkey Arab nationalism/European mandate system Britain gave land back to the JEws Indian Independence movement Gahdi believed in love and peace for all Indians Upheavals in china The warlords took over the old government and tried to set up a new dynasty but failed Japan Tha manchurian incident (caused by the Japanese) gave Japan an excuse to go to war against China and take to land from them Era 7 part II Post WWI Britain post WWI France Soviet Union under Stalin Nazi Germany Fascist Italy Fascist spain WWII: Western front WWII: eastern front WWII: pacific front WWII: china WWII: Japan Era 8 Cold war Divided Germany communist china Korea and Vietnam India Soviet union Ghana, Kenya, Algeria, Congo, Nigeria Israel Iran Ireland South africa Rwanda and sudan The U.S.S.R. threatened America with nuclear warfare The Iron curtain divided east and west germany to stop people from fleeing communist east Germany to democratic west Germany Mao Zedong implemented "The great leap forward" which helped industrialize communist china Vietnam was considered the first domino in the southeast asia communist movement India was divided between east and west Pakistan. East Pakistan later became Bangladesh The soviet union was the communist super power in the world and tried to implement communism throughout the world These African countries were largly undeveloped The UN partition act gave Jews land to make Israel Iran became a threat to the United States Ireland recieved their independence from Great Brtain There was segregation against Natives in South africa 800,000 to 8 million people died in the Rwanda genocide They were an economic world power Russia had trouble modernizing Australia/New Zeland was originaly a penal colony Latin America/ Economic imperialism Spain controled Latin America's economy
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