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Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit?

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Nancy Danner

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit?

Valley Forge: Would You Have Quit

By: Om Aransri & Richele Soucie
Continental Army- A revolution war Army, authorized by the Continental Congress in 1775 and led by Washington.

Desert - to leave or abandon

Scarlet Fever - A few young women developed " scarlet fever " a fascination with British Soldiers in their bright red coats.

quartered - divided into quarters

Valley Forge - in a village in south east Pennsylvania winter quarters of Washington army 1777.

Quaker- A popular name for a member of the religious society of friends.
In December, Washington and his troops arrived in Valley Forge in the year of 1777. There are about 18 miles north west of Valley Forge to Philadelphia. The main idea of the quote "There is a hundred times more enthusiasm for this revolution...in Paris then there is in all the United States together." is that Paris has more soldiers and work together and more enthusiasm then the United States together.
Background Essay Question
If you look at document C, Dr. Waldo wrote a little diary. In December 14, 1777, Dr.Waldo wrote a diary about what is happening at Valley Forge. The weather caused a lot of the Army's to get sick. Dr. Waldo wrote that " the Army which had been surprisingly healthy hitherto, now begin to grow sickly from the continued fatigues they have suffered this Campaign." He also said that there were poor food, hard lodging, cold weather, fatigue, nasty cloths, nasty cookery, and that he vomit half his time, and there was no meat.( Document C )
Weather ( Document C )
Illness and Deaths at Valley Forge ( Document A )
( December 1777 - February 1778 )
Total Soldiers at Valley Forge ( estimate )
December 1777 12,000
February 1778 8,000

Illness estimates during encampment*
December 23, 1777 2,898
February 1, 1778 3,989

Death Estimates Due To Illness During Encampment
December- June 1,800 to 2,500
On February 1,1778, 8,000 soldiers at Valley Forge were sick. It was about 50%. The low estimate of the number of the American soldiers who died at Valley Forge was 1,800 to 2,500. This document can be argued for quitting because most people died from illnesses.
Document B
In the year 1886, was the year that this engraving was done. If you look at the picture in document B, the people on the left are the Congressional Committee and the people at the right are the Valley Forge. The man in the middle is George Washington. I think George Washington is representing the Congressional Committee to the soldiers at Valley Forge.
Document D
The document was written in December 23, 1776. The author that wrote the document was Thomas Paine. The line " This are the times that try men soul", I think this quote means that Thomas Pain wanted to stay and fight for his country. The summer soldiers are probably the Congressional Committee. The sunshine patriots were probably the Valley Forge. A tyranny is the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute, arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power; despotic abuse of authority, Paine compares it to hell. The quote, " What we obtain too cheap, we esteem to lightly". Paine means that what they obtain weather its cheap or not but they still appreciate what they have.
Would You Have Stayed?
Now we have come to an end. The Question for this document was, Would you have quit Valley Forge? For us, we would stay at Valley Forge because fighting for our country is way better then letting our country down, even if staying and fighting means dying is worth helping.
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