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Les Mots Amis - Cognates

No description

lauren scobie

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Les Mots Amis - Cognates

There are lots of examples! In FRENCH - we often see words
that look very similar to English words
that we are already familiar with...


vanilla (eng) - vanille (fr)

When learning another language we often
make connections to our mother tongue. These linguistic coincidences are called

If you look up cognate in the dictionary
it means:

Cognates Reading new texts When reading new texts it can be helpful to
identify cognates/mots amis as you go.

Trying to skim the text and understand the


is much more important
than knowing every
single word! Special hint! Don't forget to look at the root (first few letters)
of a new word for clues.

This is called the "racine"(fr) or "root"(eng)
Starting to get the idea? Reading Strategies
for FSL Les Mots Amis How about those times when
French and English are exactly the same?

Don't think that happens? prison - prison

orange - orange

broccoli - broccoli

train - train

descended from the same language or form lumière (a light) closely related to LUMINATE which
means to lighten. fontaine fountain
TVA Nouvelles selon AFP

L'épouse du prince William, Kate Middleton, a quitté cet avant-midi l'hôpital londonien où elle avait été admise lundi en raison de nausées sévères dues à sa grossesse.

Souriant aux journalistes, la jeune femme est apparue au bras de son mari à la porte de l'établissement un bouquet de roses jaunes à la main. Les journalistes patientaient depuis quatre jours autour du centre hospitalier. Use your new skills to
figure out this recent
news headline!
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