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No description

Mitchell Ansay

on 8 April 2016

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Transcript of Biohazard

Get all the toxic waste containers
into your safe zone.
In Biohazard, you are a waste manager under the leadership of President Johnson. The environment is tainted with waste from industrial power plants, and you must clean it.
When landing on an injured animal space, skip a turn to help the animal
When landing on a truck space, move ahead 3 spaces to go faster
When landing on a Space Squid space, move back 5 spaces because you are intimidated.
No penalty for rolling multiple sixes
How to Play
Space Squid!
Move back 5 spaces
Choose a color and put the pieces in home. Press the pop die to determine who's going first, the person with the highest number goes first. In order to move to the start peg, you must roll a six.
Move forward 3 spaces.
How to Play:Continued
Wounded animal
Skip a turn
When you have rolled a six, you may roll again.
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