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U6W5 The Life and Times of the Ant


Tanji Coats

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of U6W5 The Life and Times of the Ant

Astronomer An astronomer studies the stars. Today's fine telescopes make it easy to see like an astronomer. What are some activities an astronomer might do? investigates If someone investigates something, he or she finds out about it. A botanist investigates the life of plants. What is a synonym for investigates? solitary A solitary creature lives alone. Adam is not solitary since he lives in a town and has a big family. What is an antonym for solitary? territory The territory of an animal is the area in which it lives. Buffalo territory almost disappeared when the west was settled. Why is it important for some animals to have their own territory? communication Communication is an exchange of information. Scientists are interested in dolphin communication. Why might good communication be an important skill of a leader. nutrients Nutrients are vitamins and minerals needed for life. Nutrients from plants feed fish. What are some nutrients you need each day? prehistoric People in prehistoric times lived before recorded history. Many prehistoric peoples hunted and collected nuts and berries. What do you know about prehistoric people? overcome If you overcome something, you rise above it. Phil worked very hard to overcome his fear of public speaking. What are some types of challenges that people might have to overcome?
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