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RM Anchors

Three anchors to aid the Regional Mobilization team in decision making.

Lloyd Letkeman

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of RM Anchors

Obey, Risk, & Depend on...
Renewal in Jesus
Strategic Partnerships
Increase Resources
We invite people to be renewed through encountering Jesus
Pursue strategic partnerships that expand our capacity to fulfill our calling
Increase resources for global mission
Anchors for RM decision making
voice of God/
live out relational integrity & celebration by
Jesus transforms communities through...
Vision Trips
What is your Regional Call re Renewal?
Holistic (Trinitarian) Revelation of God
Holy Spirit
"Worship is our appropriate RESPONSE to God's self-revelation!"
What is God's self Revelation?
One worship posture is C.O.A.C.H.
What is your Regional Call to Partnerships?
RESULTS = Together we multiply Healthy Disciples & Missional Leaders.
What are our Partnership Postures?
- Attentive to God's revelation!
- Involve, Empower, Appreciate
- Start small
- "unto God's Kingdom"
What is your Region's Call re RESOURCES?
REPRODUCTION = "Holistic church planting that transforms communities among least reached."
Building blocks of holistic church planting ...
- Leaders: A.P.E.S.T. identify & disciple
- Intercession: identify & disciple
- Provision: identify givers & disciple
What are your Regional Building Blocks of Identifying & discipling Leaders?
- STM Engine!!! (creates buy-in)
- A.P. balanced by E.S.T (self-awareness)
- 5 Functions of Team (stay focused)
- Anchors (strategy)
- G to G (implementation)
- CCCCC (wisdom)
- etc.
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