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It's not about Patrick. It's about eminent domain.

Marya Núñez

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of Patrick

Our Plan: South Whittier City Council on:
Eminent Domain By: Brianna Padilla, Leslie Flores, Julianna Contreras, Marya Núñez, and Andres Garcia Goes back to the Magna Carta
in 1215
Ended up in Constitution Before: What is Eminent Domain? The History of Eminent Domain May be used, not taken advantage of
Economic development, only for empty lots/junky places
If resident areas taken, public use -For economic development and public use, not for private use Power of government to take land What should eminent domain be used for? Where do they get the power ? Fifth Amendment (U.S. Constitution) -Government can use it because they'll receive tax money, money used to fund public buildings After: What most people think: Government doesn't have
the right to use eminent domain
to take private property Public Library Apple Store What are we
dealing with? Bowling Alley How do we
deal with it? Using economic domain Think like
the people Conclusion The Apple Store could help the city in tax revenue The taxes from the Apple Store will fund the library with money It will create more jobs for the city of South Whittier Our Plan
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