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No description

Kiha Stowe

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of EMMA

A Short Story By Carolyn Cole

The setting of the story Emma is the York residence, an unnamed mall and the old train station.

The mood of the story goes from happiness to sadness.

A flashback. Narrated by a young girl.

Point of View
First person perspective of a young girl.

Two different friendships in this story.There is the friendship between Dorian and Maria, which is distinguished by play, conversations and support of each other. The friendship between Emma and Mrs. Robinson, which is distinguished by jealousy from Mrs Robinson.

Having the story being told from Dorian's point of view , it gives the reader a good understanding of her innocence, behind not understand adult conversation and situations. She knows that her parents are not happy but she doesn't understand the reason why. We know that because of the incident of her parents fighting.Her innocence is also displayed when she thinks that her mother would come home after the accident but instead, she finds Mrs. Robinson in her mother’s bed.

Love and Family Relationship
The family of Dorian and Maria both seem to be very unstable. In Dorian's family love is not being showed towards her by both parent. Dorian's father doesn't have a good relationship with his daughter, he seems to get very uncomfortable around her but on the other hand her mother Emma shows her love for Dorian. Maria's family is a very dysfunctional family because her mother doesn't seem love her or to pay any attention to her feelings or emotions and seems to have Maria as a burden in her life.

Literary Devices
Visual Imagery
The author uses visual imagery to describe the personalities of both Ruby and Emma.
"Emma's black hair and Mrs Robinson's red hair looked pretty." (page 52, paragraph 3).Ruby's red hair compared to Emma's black hair is a metaphor to say that she is not a very nice woman. The author also describes that Ruby is much older than Emma.

The deck of cards that Emma had in the story is a symbol of the game of life. The deck of cards in a symbol that is seen constantly throughout the short story.

Important Lines
"Maria told me that she was afraid that we would die just like Emma. But I told Maria that we wouldn't because I learned a lot about this game. When it's our turn to play,we'll play smarter." (page 58, first paragraph)

"Then she said, 'I think we should drink to minority business loans and women who work hard to make men's dreams come true. Or better yet,' she sad,'let's drink to ambitious women who bleed men dry." (page 54,paragraph 1)

The short story
is about two young girls ( Maria and Dorian) who aspire to become just like one of the main characters (Emma) when they're grown up. They both fascinate on doing things and wearing clothes just like Emma. Maria knows that Dorian's (Dory) dad is not faithful to Emma and Dorian encourages her to tell Emma, but she never does. Maria explains to Dorian that it's just a game grown ups play and they need to play it the right way in order to win. Bases the situation on a game of card. After Dory's grandad leaves from his Summer vacation, her dad starts to come home early from work and starts to spend time with the family; Dorian thinks that the 'game' he was playing with the lady at the train station was done.
Emma,Maria,Dory and Mrs Robinson all go to the mall.Dory and Maria go roller skating after wards at the train station which Emma resented. While skating Dory and Maria both spot the lady at the train station and she seems very uneasy, they see her Dad approaching her and then they both start acting romantic. Emma comes to the station with Mrs Robinson to pick them both up and Mrs Robinson shows Emma the lady at the station and her husband. Emma runs away while Dory and her dad chase after her.Dory and Emma end up getting hit by a car and Emma dies. In the end Mrs Robinson sends both Maria and Dory to boarding school and Dory's dad does nothing to stop her. While in the train they both see Mrs Robinson kissing Dory's dad.
Emma York
Mother to Dorian (Dory). Acts as a role model to Dory and Maria. Emma is a very good mother, who plays with her child and treats her well. She is very patient with her husband and Dory. She loves her husband a lot and thinks about his feelings before doing anything.
Dorian York (aka Dory)
The narrator of the story. Daughter to Emma. Aspires to become like Emma. Best friends with Maria and is younger than her. Dislikes Maria's mother Mrs.Robinson. She is oblivious to '
the game
' situation between Emma and her Dad, even though Maria tries to explain. She is very innocent as she doesn't really understand what is happening between Emma,her Dad and the woman at the train station.
Ruby Robinson
Maria's mother and Emma's friend. She is very mean and fusses at Maria. She is not very patient with Maria and Emma. Seems to have a very mysterious relationship with Emma (as she is very jealous of her); Emma doesn't seem to be very comfortable around her. She doesn't really love Maria.Sends Maria and Dory away to school after Emma dies. At end of the story Ruby and Dory's dad (Jack) start having a relationship with each other.
Maria Robinson
Best friends with Dory. Daughter to Ruby Robinson. She admires Emma and wants to be just like her when she grows up. Favors Emma more than her mother. She doesn't really like Ruby as she fusses with her all the time. Educates Dory on 'the game' in which adults play. Explains to Dory the adult conversations in which she doesn't really understand. Sent away to boarding school with Dory by her mother.
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