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carolina zuñiga

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

-Ahumada Yesenia

-Lopez Carolina

-Rodriguez Jassiel

-Zuñiga Carolina
Team # 7:
We use
to specify a period of time in the present perfect.

Subject +Auxiliary(have, has) + Verb in participle +Complement +
+ period of time (3 hours, 4 months, etc).

We use
when we talk about a specific time or date when we started something.

Subject+ Auxiliary (have, has) +Verb in participle+ Complement +
+ Time or date (1984, last moth, Six o´clock, etc).
Some Examples:
With since:
- Charlie Chaplin has been considered a symbol of humor
since 1914.
- We have gone to that restaurant
since July, 1995.
-She has danced
since 9 o´clock this morning.


In this presentation, we are going to talk about the expressions of time
for and since
in the present perfect tenses, when we used them, the structure and some examples.
Activity 1
Write 4 sentences with the following verbs using for and since:

1. They/move/to Arizona/for.


2. She /work/here/since.


3. We/not see/James/ since.


4. He/marry/with her/ for.

Since VS. For:
With for:
-You have come to this beach
for fifteen years.
-We have enjoyed this paradise
for a week.
-They have swum
for three hours.

Present Perfect Tenses

More Examples:

With for :
- He has dreamed the same
for a week.
- I have decided stay here
for 5 years.
-You have been good person only
for 5 minutes.

With since:
- We haven´t eaten fast food
since the last month.
-I have had a car
since I was in the High School.
- They have lived in Toronto
since 2005.
Activity 2
Change the expressions using
for or since:
Since Yesterday---
For one day.

1. Since Saturday:______________.

2.Since January :_______________.

3. Since you was born:____________.

4. For 4 years:_____________.

5. For 1 month:_____________.
Thank You For your Attention!!!!!
Expressions of Time:


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