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Wind Energy

No description

Sierra Lanius

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Wind Energy

What can wind energy be used for?
Today's wind energy is coming from turbines
that create energy, they power generators that's added
to the alternative to fuel an energy source. Being used
to power homes, businesses, and schools and other
places that have to have electricity. How is wind energy easily renewed?
It is renewed when the wind starts
to turn the turbines and they start spinning.
You also don't have to worry about running
out as long as the wind is blowing ad the
turbines are spinning. So therefore wind
energy can be renewed. What is the cost of using wind energy?
Just the pole installation was close too $300,000. The batteries alone were $900,000. Now if you use mills you can save up too $2000 a year. What are the positive aspects of using wind energy?
Wind turbines are really easy and cheap to build
and maintain. You don't have to pay as much a month
to use them in our everyday lives. You would also want to use smaller ones, the bigger ones seem to cost more, however they do produce cheap electricity. What are the negative aspects of using wind energy?
Wind generators are difficult to maintain they have alot of moving parts, and hard to install. They could take up alot of land space, if your trying to produce enough energy for businesses at a commercial level. Might take a couple of acres to use the turbines. What is the science behind wind energy?
It is used for electricity, windmills, wind turbines
and a wind machine. How is the energy gathered and created?
You can create energy by burning fossil fuel.
It can be changed from one to another but it cannot
be created or destroyed. Energy will always be there
only the form of it can change. How is the energy stored for later use?
It is stored by converting it to a compound
that can be stored. What are the waste by-products of wind energy?
They are a result manufacture, transportation, installation, maintenance, removal, and disposal of the
wind generation. They consist of many chemicals but they are small compared to other products. Currently, what is keeping wind energy from
widespread use?
Not all places have the type of winds needed
property rights, and ownership. Some there isn't a
need , politics, energy and companies wanting to stop
progress. When is wind energy expected to be easily
accessible to the general public?
It is expected to accessible in 2015. References:
-wiki.answers.com Renewable Energy Source
By: Sierra Lanius The End!!!
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