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DSE 2.0

No description

Brennan Webb

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of DSE 2.0

DSE 2.0 Maximizing Sales
Maximizing CSAT How do we do it? What is DSE? “DSE” is the Service Experience Sprint wants each customer to have when they bring their device in for repair. Why DSE? Because when it comes to Service and Repair, we struggle in 2 areas... Glad you asked... DSE 2.0 begins with the basics.
Be professional, polite, and kind.
Be enthusiastic (attitudes are infectious)
Smile and the world smiles back.
Say "Hello! Welcome to Sprint, my name is ________. Greet No matter the transaction…
We are going to ask, “What brings you in today?”
If it is an SnR Transaction, shoot to ask three questions per issue.
Tell the customer what you hear them saying. Tell it back to them!
Show sympathy for their situation and truly listen
This is where we either begin to win them or lose them. Triage / Probe Ask: “Is there anything else?” Golden Sales Opportunity #1 Floor On the Floor, Sell More Move to Point of Sale Why not go straight to Eticket?
We are researching the customers info in order to build a winsome presentation and present the customer with OPTIONS!
Within thirty seconds, we can tell what our presentation needs to be.
Lines, Hups, SPC
Condition of Handset (Accessory offers)
Customer only knows that we are searching for a solution.
Use this time to “chit-chat with a purpose”. Big Audio? SnR Transactions are a great time to demo! Options! Present your research.
“Well, the good news is we should be able to find something that will get you going today. I have a few options for you to choose from…” (either sales or service) Golden Sales Opportunity #2 “Which option works best for you?” Going Sales? Awesome! That's what it's about! For this training though...
customer chose service. eTicket What we do here, determines whether we maximize Sales & CSAT
Establish a promise time.
Make sure the eTicket is accurate.
Include any sales discussion (ex.“customer interested in Galaxy S3”)
Drop Off Method Use this... Setup for Golden Sales Moment #3! For Full Service Drop-Off For Advanced Exchange Finalize We will come to that in just a bit. TC’s Work based on promise time.
Walk out all etickets.
Speak to the RC’s research! Golden Sales Moment #3! Example

“Hi, my name is Michael, I am the tech that worked on your phone today. Here is what we were able to do….(Include the customer as you describe the repair)

I noticed that, Jason had spoken to you earlier concerning the EVO LTE, I didn’t know if you had any questions that I may be able to answer from a technicians view point?" What are we shooting for in all of this? This Sales Acts
Big Audio

And Finally… CSAT Finalize Told you we would get there. Wow Factors
Ready Now
CSAT Survey Thank you’s
Walk them out
What are *your* ideas? So whats the big picture? Here is Sprint's Experience for Service customers. That's it! DSE 2.0 starts with the Sales Reps And ends with the TC We will talk about this in just a minute
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