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Scientific Method Featuring the Ketchup Lab!!!!!

No description

6th Grade

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Scientific Method Featuring the Ketchup Lab!!!!!

Which Ketchup is the Thickest??? The Scientific Method Featuring the Ketchup Lab By:Charlie and Jack Hypothesis: If we tested the thickness of ketchup, then Hunts and Wild Harvest would be the thickest. The Experiment!! We timed ketchup as it slid down a 90 degree angle. The Variables!! *Independent variable: the kinds of ketchup. *Dependent variable: the speed.
*Controlled variable: the angle of surface. Recording the data!! First,we made a 3x3 chart. Then, in each column, we did the different brands of ketchup. In the rows, we had the speeds of the ketchup. Data analysis!! We made a bar graph of the data.
On the x axis, we had the brands of
ketchup. On the y axis, we had the speeds.The bars were showing the averages of the speeds. Conclusion!! The age old question, "which ketchup is the thickest?" will finally be answered. Our hypothesis was that Hunts and Wild Harvest would be the thickest. After the tests, we decided to accept our hypothesis, because Wild Harvest was the thickest/slowest with a time of 333 seconds. Although, it may have affected the experiment if we cleared off the surface with wet wipes after each trial. Overall, Wild Harvest is the thickest, so if you want thick ketchup, that's the way to go. Thanks For Watching!!!
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