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Antonio Vivaldi

No description

Allison Friedman

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Antonio Vivaldi

Born: 1678
Died: 1741 Antonio Vivaldi Antonio Vivaldi He would be
334 years old
if he was still alive He was 63
years old
when he died He was born to a large family.
He had 4 brothers and
4 sisters! His father was his most important teacher! Vivaldi played the violin
and loved to compose! He became a priest in 1703
(at the age of 25).

His nickname became:
The Red Priest
because he had very red hair!

Vivaldi taught and conducted an orchestra of entirely women. Many visitors were surprised that women could play such "Unusual instruments" such as the clarinet and bassoon.

Back then, it was not proper for women to perform in public, so they played from a gallery or hidden behind walls. He even claimed that he could compose faster than any person could copy it! Vivaldi wrote a lot of music
-- over 1,000 pieces! The Four Seasons
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