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Westover Youth Room


aaron tudyk

on 6 July 2009

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Transcript of Westover Youth Room

Westover Fellowship Youth Room What Can We Do? Walls
Making It Their Own
Walls We have an opportunity to maximize and utilize potential wall space. Using sheet metal as backing One wall will be devoted to a functional and versatile message center. Magnets Wanted 4 foot 8
foot Media Wall We have a projector screen on a bare wall.
What I propose is a decorative chance to tie in the rooms style. Using curtains to frame the screen will add a contemporary element to the wall. Also this will allow us to “hide” our media screen when not in use. Pictures Pictures are a chance to showcase our youth in all of their splendor doing what they do best. A wall totally devoted to pictures not only shows off it also shows we care. The student matters and we want visitors to know they will too.
Storage Function meets fashion. Storage baskets, mobile shelves, spinning tower units. In our small space utilizing storage will be a priority for keeping our space tidy for others.
Rugs Rugs add to solidify the room and tie in color and style coordination. A large area rug will also be invaluable for moments when student will be asked to lounge on the floor. Lights Lighting can be an effective, and distinctive tool when designing a new room.
Lanterns and lamps aid in bringing a non-industrial feeling to any atmosphere and with the help of a dimmer switch, we can watch movies with light to spare. Making It Their Own When students enter the youth room we want them to feel like it’s their space. To do that we want them to participate in various ways.
Custom Pillow Cases T-shirts can be used for pillow covers, and tie-dye is always a hit. Students craft their own and add it to the room.
Wall Art Students are crafty… in the arts.
We want to provide students with the chance to worship God with their special talents.
And give them a place to show it off. Give Them The Hammer Give a student a tool and a plan and they can accomplish extraordinary things.
During the Youth Makeover students will be given a chance to build functional furnishings for their youth room. What Do You Like? Students have hobbies, and we want to show how those past-times are pleasing to God. We want to showcase their likes and what they do when their not at church.
Let's Dream What It Can Be. The Westover Fellowship Youth need a room that they can call their own. A place to come together and feel welcome.
A place to come and sit as well as play.
A hub for information and news.
Customizable and open to change.
Here Are a Few Ideas.
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