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Water Pollution


amelia kimbro

on 29 April 2009

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Transcript of Water Pollution

Water Pollution The contamination
of water by sediments, chemicals, other various substances 70% of earth ia water, and
only 3% of the 70% is
DRINKABLE!!! *Water is essential to life

*Every year twenty-five percent
of the U.S beaches are closed at least
once because of water pollution . Over two-thirds of the U.S estuaries and bays
are severely degraded because of nitrogen
and phosphorous pollution. Main contributors to Water Pollution:
Oil spills
Human waste
Animal waste
Household chemicals #1 cause of water
pollution is:
MINING There are two different
types of water pollution Non- Point
Pollution Is when you CAN NOT
the source Point Pollution Is when you KNOW the exact
source of where it is coming :] Pollutants:
Contaminted sediments
Disinfective by products There are three different types of
classes of water pollution :] First class Second
Class Third
Class disease causing agents oxygen demanding aganets & bactieria water soluble inorganic pollutnats although water
is renewable,
fresh water is
not in
abundance so
we could run out.
water pollution also affects animals water isthe most essential aspects in life and without it all life as we know it would cease to exist. Therefore if we continue down the path of water destruction our posterity will not be prosperous. A civilization without water no civilization at all. So unless future generatons can evolve and adapt to living without water completly then I'm afraid the future doesn't look too good.
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