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Ty Berman

on 13 June 2014

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By Ishmael Beah, former child soldier
Kids should have fun,
not a gun.
Our Initial Plan to Raise Money and Awareness
Our Ultimate Goal and Our Smaller Goals
A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
Our specific focus is helping to shelter child soldiers who have been involved in wars forcibly. We focused on indirectly helping the children through raising money and awareness. IRC is the organization we chose to donate to.
1. Sell cookies, that Ty baked, and chocolate, which we as a group bought, to raise money that we could donate to the IRC.
2. Raise awareness about the social injustice of child soldiers and money by holding a screening of a child soldiers' documentary and a discussion about both, the issue and the movie.
3. Share our article/research with our fellow Baruchians to inform them about the issue.
4. Post flyers around the school to inform students and teachers about the issue and try to raise money.
"The villages that we captured and turned into our bases as we went along and the forests that we slept in became my home. My squad was my family, my gun was my provider and protector, and my rule was to kill or be killed. The extent of my thoughts didn't go much beyond that. We had been fighting for over two years, and killing had become a daily activity. I felt no pity for anyone. My childhood had gone by without my knowing, and it seemed as if my heart had frozen" (pg 126, chp 15, lines 1-7).
Ty Berman, LianXin Lin, Amro Halwah, and Tyler Johnson
The Problem We Can't Ignore
Kids under 18 forced into war
What we've done that worked
Children, as young as 8, are forcibly recruited by corrupt militia leaders.
The children are either tortured into becoming soldiers, manipulated by militia leaders, and worst of all forced to witness the death of a family member. After witnessing their family member's death, the children are asked to join the militia group with a gun pointed to their heads (Parry).
After recruitment, these children are trained to use an AK-47 and are sent into the battlefield the day after. Some children can also participate in suicide missions and some girls become prostitutes ("Child").
We wrote an article about child soldiers from which we derived the strongest facts and gave it out to students in slips of paper.
We asked students to donate to former child soldiers by posting flyers in the hallway
We raised money by selling candy and tickets for the screening. In total we raised $120 that we donated to International Rescue Committee. Ty delivered a check with the money to the IRC.
We demonstrated the issue by holding two screenings followed by two small group discussions, a total of 17 students attended.

We couldn't find any volunteer work that would allow us to help save child soldiers directly.
STOP The Forced Recruitment of Children !
"Soldier Child" Documentary
We showed this video to students, and here are their thoughts about the issue

As a group, we planned to write a research article and include it in the school newspaper to raise awareness about the social injustice issue (advocacy)

Create a PSA, and upload it on YouTube to help raise awareness (advocacy)

School wide, ask students to donate money, clothes and toys to former child soldiers by posting flyers in the hallway (indirect)

School wide, fund money by making an advisory competition(indirect)
What we actually did to try to voice our concern
Child Soldiers in Action
Our Group In Action
Help them out!
Work Cited Page
Beah, Ishmael. A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2008. Print.
Human, Rights. "Soldier Child in Africa - A Documentary Film." YouTube. YouTube, 18 Apr. 2013. Web. 06 June 2014.
Parry, Tom. "Tragedy of Kidnapped Child Soldiers Forced to Kill or Be Killed by Joseph Kony's Savage Lord’s Resistance Army." Mirror. Edx, 16 Sept. 2013. Web. 3 May 2014.
"Child Soldiers." Child Soldiers. Web. 03 May 2014.
Indicators That We Achieved Our Goals
1. We raised about $81 by selling cookies and chocolate as well as informing the buyers about the issue. The cookie box was covered by many pictures and quotes about the issue which helped us raise awareness.
2. A total of 17 students attended the screenings we held. All the students participated in the discussion after watching the movie and shared thoughtful thoughts about the issue and what we could do about it.
3. We gave out a total of 150 slips of paper containing 5 different pieces of information from our research to 150 people within Baruch including staff and students. Amro surveyed 43 students within the cafeteria on Friday, June 6th ranging from freshman to juniors. Of the 43 students, 36 students received information about child soldiers from us and told us about what they learned.
4. We sent out a survey and 20 students responded. We asked them about what they learned and most of their answers related to the atrocities the children were forced to commit and their transformation into killing machines.
All children are equal and should all have access to an education and a safe life, rather than a forced recruitment and a dangerous life as soldiers. Prevent the recruitment of children below the age of 18.
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