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Project-Based Learning:

No description

Tyler Graff

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Project-Based Learning:

Digital Citizenship and PBL
Presenting to an authentic audience changes the purpose of the work. (Internal Accountability)

Rubrics, Reflection, and Revision support communication, literacy, and etiquette.

Researching from multiple sources helps distinguish the quality of internet sources.

The critique framework focuses on etiquette in the context of online interactions.

Classrooms must have access to internet and computers for many projects.
Implications for further investigation:
How does the role of the teacher change with increased technology use?

What responsibilities do we need to teach children to be thoughtful consumers of technology?

How can parents support these changes?
Digital Citizenship @ Stevenson
Digital Access
Digital Communication
Digital Literacy
Digital Etiquette
Examples of Technology and PBL
Project-Based Learning @Stevenson
Is a process in which students investigate real world challenges and complex questions.
Project-Based Learning:
The intersection of student choice, technology, and community.
8 Essential Elements
Driving Question
In-depth Inquiry
Need to Know
Voice &Choice
Revision & Reflection
Public Audience
Significant Content
21st Century Skills

Driving Questions:
K) Why are trees important?

3) How can we as authors tell stories that teach life lessons we’ve learned?

5) How do I design and market a product with given constraints?
use with PBL
Final Products
Reflections on Critique
Building Organizational Capacity
Partnerships with Envision Learning Partners, Microsoft, and other technology companies.
Aligning time, money, and other resources to improve PBL
An investment in professional development
Empowerment of teachers and parents
Parent education around supporting PBL
Aligning initiatives to mission, vision, and values
A school of choice in the Mountain View Whisman School District.
Mission: We aim to cultivate a life-long love of learning by educating the whole child in a collaborative community.
Digital Portfolios
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