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Tall Tale Introduction

No description

Beth Nash

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Tall Tale Introduction

Tall Tales A fictional story that stretches the truth Characters are given exaggerated characteristics. They are bigger or stronger than real people and solve problems in unbelievable ways. They all have 4 things in common. # 1
The main character has a regular job, but has superhuman abilities or is larger than life. #2
The character has a problem(s) that he or she solves in a funny way. #3
Details in the story are exaggerated beyond belief. #4
The characters use everyday language and are common people in behavior. Tall Tale Characters
Paul Bunyan
Pecos Bill
Calamity Jane
John Henry In your first box, write down everything you know about tall tales. In the 2nd box, make a list of the tall tales that you know. Pecos Bill John Henry
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