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Copy of Cake Pop Crush

No description

Christina chand

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Cake Pop Crush







*In the book ''Cake Pop Crush'' the main Charter is named Alicia Ramirez,but most people call her Ali .One claim about her is that she likes to bake.
*Evidence from the book to support this claim about Alicia says ''None of my friends could ever get away with using stove tops and ovens alone,but I'd been baking with my parents since before i could walk,so my dad had given me free reign in our kitchen long ago''.
Setting Frame
* The setting of this book takes place in the present.
*It mainly takes place at Oak Canyon's Middle School and a bakery called ''Say It With Flour'' in California.
* The main conflict that happened in the book was when a new coffee shop opened up across the street,giving Alicia's bakery a run for money
* Alicia handles this problem by competing in a bake off held by the most popular girl in school and Town (Sarah Chang),Alicia competed in the bake off with Dane the boy that work across the street to see who was the better cake pop master and Alicia had won and saved her bakery.
Plot Frame
Theme Frame
*Cake Pop Crush

Any Questions
Strawberries and
cream pops

* The main theme in the story is to never give up on yourself keep on going no matter what happens.
*In the rising event of the story Alicia's mom had died,a new coffee shop had open up across the street,and a boy named Dane that worked across the new coffee shop had been a new kid at her school
*In the climax of the story Ali decides to make cake pops for her bakery to stay in business,but Dane copies her idea and does the same,and Alicia got to cater Sarah Chang's B-day party.
*At the end of the story they had the bake off,Alicia had won,and she saved her bakery

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