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Preschool In-service

No description

Lonell Klina

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of Preschool In-service

What is Art? Lonell Klina Anastasia School Art K-5 Art is..... Monster
Activity create your own monster! talk about Shape & color Fold, cut, curl, and alter the paper anyway YOU want Let's get started! The common misconception.... The importance of PRODUCT When talking about the art of a young artist the importance is on the PROCESS! Process vs. Product Process Engagement
Open-ended experience
You & the media
No right or wrong answers
It's go with the flow and see what happens
It's messy...TOTALLY messy!
It's exciting
It's personal
It's moment by moment Product It's about the parents and grandparents
It's cute
Gets the response "Oh! You made a "
There is a preconceived idea
There is a pattern
Teacher has counted the parts
Teacher has pre-cut the tricky bits
First this
Then that
This goes here
That goes there
Add some of these
Teacher adds a magnet
It's difficult to tell yours from your friends Can you tell the difference?
transition from product to process focused art Explore the materials
Understand where your children are developmentally
Age appropriate ideas
Inviting and interesting
Trial & error How to The Struggle Explaining the blobs TIP: Ask yourself what will the children do rather than what they will make? What to say when an adult asks.... The internal struggle Inability to justify the process "what did the children make?" The children figured out that...
We are making great progress on...
We explored the use of... describing the process keeps conversations open-ended & focused on growth & development perhaps.... You like artwork to look a certain way
You have certain expectations of how material should be used
You something you saw on Pinterest How to adjust reflect on your own attitude! What you need or what the children need?
what you love or what the children love?
what you find easy to clean up and manage or what will keep the children engaged, challenged, & interested is it about... Teachers The perks of process! student choice
increased creative confidence
children feel their ideas and efforts are valued
produces confident decision makers and problem solvers
allows children to use their imagination! Sarah Kaplan West End School Art K-5 Painting Activity Paint to the music! Wassily Kandinsky Jackson Pollock
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