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science fair project

cris and matts science fair

matthew navia

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of science fair project

grape juice,200 ml cup of orange juice,200 ml of pineapple juice, 1 measuring cup, 5 dirty pennies, 200 ml cup of apple juice, 200 ml cup of tomato juice CONTROL ,EXPERIMENTAL GROUP,INDEPENDENT, DEPENDENT VARIABLES CONTROL : the group in the experiment that remains the same are the dirty pennies because each of those pennies are going to be tested or different juices so the pennies stay the same. BACKGROUND INFO. , CONCLUSION The experiment that I have chosen to research and experiment on was which is the proper way to clean or remove deposits from a copper penny. The purpose of this experiment is to test which type of juice cleans and removes deposits from pennies and what type of juice is the most effective on pennies. In the experiment, I will be testing 5 different types of juice (pineapple, tomato, orange, apple, and grape) and how effective are they on the pennies. As I start to do the experiment, I will be taking notes on what and writing down some data as well. In this experiment happens to the pennies and I will be observing , I must have all the information that is required to complete this experiment. As I start to gather information for my project, I have also learned many things about my topic. For example, I have learned that some pennies are harder to clean their effective than other juices. This is the data that I have to record in order to have some information about this topic. During the project, I will be looking others. I have also learned that some juices are among for some more information regarding this topic and what I can do to make my data and information more accurate. I have also gathered some information about how juices are the most effective way to clean or remove deposits from a copper penny.In the experiment, I would also be creating graphs and charts to show the data that I have collected from the experiment. I will be making 3 trials. It would be 1 trial each day and the pennies have to be soaked in their juice for 2 hours. I have also learned that the more time you have pennies in the juice, the cleaner the pennies are going to get. During this project, I have learned very good and informative information regarding my topic and what can I do to my project to make everything more accurate. I have learned lots of information about the juices and which type is the best for removing deposits from pennies. I have gathered lots of information for this project so I can have a better understanding for this project and how to do the best I can do on this project.

What is the best way to clean or remove
deposits from a copper penny ( or other precious metal) PROBLEM : What is the best type of juice to use to remove deposits from a copper penny (pineapple, orange, apple, tomato, or grape juice)? HYPOTHESIS : If I add 200 ml of juice for 10 min., then the pineapple juice would be the most affective juice to use to remove deposits from a copper penny. , and 1 camera. PROCEDURES : First, make sure that every thin is clean. Then, label each glass cup with the type of juice that is inside. Next, pour 200 ml of each juice in their corresponding cup. Then drop a penny in each cup. then soak the penny's for 2 hours for 3 days. finally, take out the pennies from the juice and dry overnight ,record your data and check the juices affects. EXPERIMENTAL : the group that is being experimented on is the juices because we are testing what type of juice is best for removing the dirt from pennies. INDEPENDENT : the part of the experiment that is changed is the type of juices because the juices are what is being tested to see which juice cleans pennies best. DEPENDENT : the result that occurred from the experimentation is the pennies getting clean. BACKGROUND INFO.: CONCLUSION : In this experiment, I have learned that the best way to remove deposits from a penny is to soak the penny in juices and test which juice was most effective. Once the pennies have been soaked for 2 hours the best juice that cleaned the penny was orange juice therefore my hypothesis was rejected. At first I thought the apple juice would clean best but it turned out to be orange juice because orange juice has more citrus acid which cleans pennies better. After I have gathered all my data and done the experiment, my results showed that the orange juice had done well and it deserved an average rate of (9-10). This project has shown us many things. This project has shown us that there are many liquids that can be used as a cleaning material for pennies. Some liquids are better than the others but the best juice to use is orange juice. The project has also showed us that juices with more citrus acid have more effect on cleaning pennies than other juices. The project has showed that in order to see which juice cleans pennies best you must repeat the experiment several times so that your data and results can be accurate and true. Not that many liquids have effect with cleaning pennies but there are some liquids that do just about the same as liquids with citrus acid Sometimes when you are completing an experiment, your results may not come out as accurate as you thought it would but sometimes people make mistakes while completing this experiment. I would say that my results are significant because I have made sure that my results are as accurate as they can be. I have made several trials of this experiment, I have done major research about this topic, I have reviewed and checked my data so my results can be accurate and true, and I have not made any mistakes while completing this experiment therefore I believe that my results should be very significant While completing this experiment, I have done lots of research about this topic. Some information was not as accurate as other information but altogether I would say that the information and research that I have found was very significant. Some of my research included information about how other juices are better than others and what types of juices have the best effect on cleaning dirty pennies. Some of the information I have found was very useful but some were not as useful, but the research altogether made the data as accurate and true as it can be. Once that this experiment was completely finished, it has showed me many things that I have never heard of, but there are some things that I could have done that can improve my project. I would recommend for further investigation on this topic because I would love to learn more and different ways on how to remove deposits from a penny. The information and research that I have found was very useful and informative, but I think that this project would be better if I did some more research relating to this topic. When the project was fully completed, I would recommend for further investigation so I could have a better idea on what I should do next and how I can improve my results to make it excellent.

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