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Lupo Cordero

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of GEN2010

2010 Why?? Because our past generations So what happened before? 2005-2006 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Video The Goals 8,000 Xs Realized 9,600 LR 5,000 X+L 40,000 Members 110 Countries & Territories What have we done so far?? 56 If we keep believing in our vision
We can’t be the most relevant youth organisation in the world
I would be lying to you if I said that
AIESEC has a great future ahead
that we will be a recognised organisation
that our finances will be sustainable
that our members will have the best experience
before anything, you must know
our organisation does not deserve such things
irresponsibility and apathy are in our nature
I refuse to believe under any circumstances that
We could be a great generation in the coming years thanks to the members’ competencies and will This organisation is unclear about the next steps but
There are even more surprises to come
AIESEC has only one destiny
This is the truth and I am convinced of this because I know the AIESECers
and whether we like it or not
This is what is real
Am I Savvy? Am I Smart?? Am I Strong?? Am I Fast?? Am I activating the RIGHT
leader within me? A person relevant enough
make a positive difference to the reality of Spain
and the world today? If I’m working really hard and my results don’t
translate my work, I take the time to take input
from others, Re plan and re strategize When I am doing something
I do my best to be focused
and in total with the activity I make efforts when thoughts are rushing
through my mind, to understand totally
what the other has to say, before making
my point? Do I contribute in making decisions and
not go with the flow? I am aware of my strengths and
weaknesses I make sure to be myself and not
to be a people pleaser Do I have diversity in my life: my life
does not only revolve around work
or only around studies but 2-6 other thing. I take feedback and work on
it right away I make sure that I do not
miss any opportunity
because of having a very
slow reaction to it. I reply to my email maximum
48 hours after I receive them Savvy Strong Fast Smart NASA's Space Shuttle Removal World Cup Hi everybody.

My name is Ainhoa, I was the MPC 2005-2006

•On one hand, we were 20 LCs with a few people per LC
•Problems in exchange area because we brought trainees illegally and we were caught by police in one of the LC’s.
•So only Xchanging with Europe
•In 2004 we did more than 100 MT exchanges but in 2005 less than 50.
•For that reason we focus in outgoing exchange and we created the fist nacional student review board with the same selections, we collaborated with Eurotalent company.
•First members doing CEED (what?) experience since 2000.
- Sort of Unity amongst all the entities was established
- Processes at global level were implemented at national level,
and a sort of long term planning applied.
- Extensive Support materials for process implementation
at local level.
- MC and LC structures adapted to the current trends of
AIESEC Globally.
- Implementation of Balance Scorecard at National and
Local level, not only as a planning but also as a tracking
tool altogether with SONA.
- Review and creation of the new compendium (it was
finalised in the term 07-08)
MCP: Nava (Jose Pedro Navarrete) Video Video - LC Development position added in the MC team
- Alumni position
- MC projects to raise DT TNs and EPs through cooperations with specific companies
- Leadership Development Program created to develop leadership skills. More than 100 members participating from more than 10 nationalities.
- Use of virtual info sessions to reach and recruit more members.
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