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AP: The Mongols

No description

Luke Bailey

on 3 December 2018

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Transcript of AP: The Mongols

AP: The Mongols
Genghis Khan
-Born into high ranking clan, however was later orphaned

-Mongolia in constant internal conflict

-Acquired high ranking marriage, later rescued his wife from kidnappers gaining esteem of peers

-Named Khan, or leader, after he and friends defeated rivals one by one (helped by China)
-To unite Mongolia, Genghis begins a number of wars, first with a small Chinese dynasty to his south

-Then attacks Khwarezmia, a Muslim empire in Central Asia

-When Genghis dies, his sons and grandsons continue conquests, creating the largest empire in human history
-Exclusively cavalry

-Adapted other civ's technology (Chinese siege weapons)

-Those of merit were promoted to generals, not based on bloodline

-Conquered peoples integrated into army

-Neighbors were weak (plague, internal fighting, corrupt rulers)
-Generally, women and children were spared/enslaved

-Skilled craftsmen were recruited and even rewarded

-Those who surrendered were left along as long as they paid tribute

-Men who resisted were slaughtered,
-The Mongol empire maintained 10,000 relay stations across the empire with 200,000 horses to speed messages

-Established bureaucracy in Karakorum Mongolia to train officials and send messages to subjects

-Census allowed for the collection of taxes
Cultural Attitudes
-Tolerated all religions as long as no trouble

-Trade encouraged, unity of empire made Silk Road safe
Final Fun Fact
Conquest of Khwarezmia
Fun Fact #1
Fun Fact #2
Marriage Tactics
More Fun Facts
-Genghis Khan had so many "wives" that one in 200 men on the planet are a direct descendent

-Mongol armies killed so many people that global cooling occurred due to forest growing over previously settled areas
Fun Fact #3
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