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Nicole Farkas

on 7 January 2018

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Transcript of Larynx

How does vibration occur?

1. Abduction & Adduction
2. The Bernoulli Effect
3. Myoelastic Elements
Case Study 2
Vocal Fold Granuloma
A granuloma is the body's response to an irritant.
Vocal granulomas = posterior of vocal folds, on lining of arytenoid cartilage (site of contact during fold closure)
Injury to cartilage = exposure to air, food and acid reflux
Granuloma form to protect from further irritation
Changes to Phonation
The vocal folds:
located superior to the subglottal region & inferior to the region of the epiglottis
sound is created as the folds vibrate together when air is passed through
The Vocal Folds (cont.)
Composed of 5 layers of tissue:
Squamous epithelium, superficiallamina propia (SLP)
Cross layered with the intermediate lamina propria (ILP)
Deep Lamina Propria (DLP)
Thyroaryenoid muscle

The Vocal Folds
Vocal Fold Granuloma (cont.)
Vocal fold granuloma caused by 3 main reasons:

1. Endotracheal intubation trauma
2. Irritation from vocal abuse; and/or
3. Gastroesophageal reflux.

Mrs Savage granuloma = endotracheal intubation trauma from surgery 4 months ago
Movements of the vocal folds
functioned by the cartilage movements of the larynx
cricothyroid and cricoaryteniod joints
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Decreased rate in vocal vibration =
Lower Pitch

Vocal cords unable to vibrate normally through Bernoulli Effect=
Hoarse voice

Poor abduction & adduction =V
ocal fatigue, effortful phonation,breathy voice

Weak or non-existent vibration
= 'Breaks' in voice
Expected changes due to Granuloma
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Responsible for voice production, & aids in swallowing and breathing
Lies between pharynx and trachea
Lateral Cricoarytenoid
Posterior Cricothyroid
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(Seikel, King & Drumwright, 2010)
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Stuart Bartlett
Tutorial Group
Monday 1pm
Breanna Kerr S00167536
Chelsea Gatehouse S00167435
Nicole Fakas S00167228
Zoe Lam S00167714
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