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The Open Source School for 5/3 IFTF draft1

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David Preston

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of The Open Source School for 5/3 IFTF draft1

The Open Source A model for 21st century learning by David Preston, Ph.D. what does this mean to you?

here's what it means to the class of 2011:
on a global scale "Dude, that was MEDIEVAL! Rome burned and the plague killed, like, everybody. Total panic. Everyone wanted a king or God to tell them what to do. When Charlemagne made the kids go to school so somebody'd be around later to run the business, I laughed, I cried...and then I kept crying."
-A. Student Begin with a question. Throughout history... Welcome to The Open Source, a network of millions of Californians who meet together online and everywhere else to learn and create. Our California is a state of mind. "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about how to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."
-August 15, 2004 ...to raise learning in
captivity. ...it's been a challenge... What does it mean to be an educated American in the 21st century? Student Profile Who are you?
What are you doing here?
desired goals/ objectives/outcomes
desired information/experience/ delivery method(s) How far are you prepared to go?
resiliency Prior knowledge Core competencies/5 Fs
mental/psychological Fitness
physical Fitness
spiritual Fitness
civic Fitness
technological Fitness OUTER WORLD INNER WORLD Select a Guide content knowledge & experience teaching & mentoring experience network referrals & evaluations geographic proximity interviews Every question
invites an interdisciplinary
answer where will we get our energy
in the future? why doesn't my boyfriend love me anymore? Please click anywhere on this page to navigate the self-assessment links. "This is going to take some explanation!" Assessment in the Open Source is for the formative benefit of students; formats are determined by the guide. Benchmark exams will be a combination of performance, writing, and Information-Referenced Testing, a two-dimensional model that evaluates confidence as well as accuracy. Learning is naturally fun, engaging, available, and
interdisciplinary. I use all my senses to interact, record, analyze, evaluate, and use information from my environment. And then I find something new to investigate. Possible topics of study:
cause and effect
potential & kinetic energy
depth perception
myth of Narcissus
naturally waterproof animals
how to keep attention focused amid distractions (like goofy Dad asking about rainboots) but how will you know you're in the right place? A well-educated American
in the 21st century
the five Fs mental Fitness physical Fitness technological Fitness spiritual Fitness civic Fitness Each course of study helps to form the Open Source information base Once guide and student agree to work together, the guide designs a course of study to fit the student's goals and abilities. The Open Source will not limit the apps, add-ons, resources, experiences, or materials necessary to implement the agreed-upon course of study. Every website, person, place, and puddle is a valued source of interdisciplinary learning. The infobase, along with other elements of Open Source, may be commodified and licensed to provide revenue for shared learning spaces and events; the Open Source pumps money into local economies, enables graduates to live where they prefer, and makes learning the center of the community. FFAQS
(Future Frequently Asked Questions) Q:How can I join the Open Source?
A: Finding a guide is as simple as finding any other professional practitioner; go online or ask a trusted source for referrals. The guide will be your point of entry and primary contact for your course of study. Upon completion you may continue working with the same guide or change to another. Q: Is there a teachers' union?
A: No. The organizational structure is more like a guild of master craftspeople. Since courses of study and evaluations are accessible, guides who are ineffective can't make a living in the Open Source. Guides who are valued quickly find themselves in demand. Q: Doesn't online education remove people from each other and make them antisocial?
A: The Open Source is not online education. Open Source uses computing technology to deliver information as part of a diverse set of experiences designed to advance understanding. The Open Source consistently outperforms traditional schools on the Turing Index. Q: I'm concerned about allowing my child to use the Internet. Won't she be at risk?
A: The Open Source teaches students of all ages to protect themselves, both online and IRL. Younger students are given limited access through portals with parental permission and taught security, programming, hardware, and other elements that will enable them to optimize their tools and talents with minimal risk. Open minds.
Open access.
Open society.

California's future.

The Open Source.
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