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Digital Footprints


jeff richardson

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Digital Footprints

Digital Footprints
SO Be Smart!!!
Footprints stay around
for a long time!
Is it okay to
say mean stuff?
What should you
do if someone is saying
mean things about you
Tell a grown-up!
Computers are fun,
powerful tools.
What are some things
we can do on a computer?
What is a footprint?
What can we learn
from a footprint?
Always Do What is Right
Just because someone else does it,
it doesn't make it right or good!
You do what YOU feel is right and good!
Is it okay to just sign up for one of these sites?
No! Who Should You Ask?
There is plenty of bad stuff on the web,
but that doesn't mean you shouldn't use
it. You just need to be SMART!
Adults in your house
And pay attention to
where YOU are leaving
Don't sign up for sites w/o parent's permission.
Never share passwords.
Never log in as someone else.
Don't say mean or inapporpriate things online.
Don't click on "pop-ups".
Remember that nothing is free, so when you see something that says you have won something, don't believe it!
Always tell an adult if something inappropriate happens on
the computer.
Think before you post.
Know that nothing on the web is private!
So here are a few things
to remember...
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