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How to write in HTML

by Taylor Walker

Taylor Walker

on 6 April 2012

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Transcript of How to write in HTML

Hypertext Markup Language by Taylor Walker Browser 40 -IMPORTANT TERMS- -TEXT TAGS- <hl></hl>
-Creates the largest headline
-Creates the smallest headline

-Bold text

-Italic text

-Underline text

<font size=”3></font>
-Size of font, from 1 to 7

<font color=”green”></font>
-Font color

<a href="URL”></a>
-Hyperlink -BASIC RULE OF THUMB- To apply an attribute/tag to text, write the text in between the tags.

For example, to bolden the word "Kostyo," type: Well, that's HTML! You have all of your content done! Now you can
SAVE AS (My Webpage...Document Type: HTML)
and OPEN WITH whatever browser you want. ALL OF THIS IS DONE -Starting Tags- <body text="black”> Sets the text color <body bgcolor="yellow”> Sets the background color -BODY ATTRIBUTES- -FORMATTING- <p></p>
-New paragraph

-Line break

<hr />
-Horizontal rule (line through page)

<img src="URL”>
-Add an image ANGLE BRACKETS - < >

TAGS - WHAT GOES IN THE ANGLE BRACKETS (usually attributes applied to text, etc.) <b>Kostyo</b> ANY QUESTIONS??? Microsoft Word is a program people
use all the time. When you press the
bold or italics buttons (or any other
button, including adding text), the
program is processing what to do with code. It's just like HTML. a
e y
r e
t a
p Browser displays what the codes instruct <HTML codes> (main markup language for web pages) = "language of the web" markup language: defines the way images, multimedia and text are displayed in webpages -TAGS- HTML Genesis Future
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