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Renewable Energy

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greencheese greencheese

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is a energy source that can be used infinitely.
Why did we start
using renewable energy?
- We are over consuming fossil fuels, oil, and coal
-Scientists realized that the environment is being destroyed because fossil fuels are being used which causes a lot of pollution
- pollution harms the health of all living things
-Renewable energy gives us more wealth in economy
Where did it happen?
What happened
-people depended to much on non renewable sources like coal, oil
How can we prevent depletion of energy?
-In developing countries like China and Japan they use a lot of non renewable energy
Renewable Energy
How does renewable energy affect the environment?
-renewable energy helps the environment from pollution, climate change and plant and animal extinction
-renewable energy has some cons: when a hydro plant is built fish habitats can be destroyed; wind mills cause noise to their neighbors
-reduce consumption and not waste energy from non-renewable sources. Example ride a bike or walk
instead of using the car
How does renewable energy affect us?
-Renewable energy impacts us by reducing

- it protects human and animal health

-Renewable energy is also sustainable and produces no waste,

Infinity symbol
Types of Renewable sources
When did it Happen?
It happened over a century ago when people started to use manufactured items
How did it happen?
-People started creating Manufactured items for people to use that used a lot of energy
Who created it?
-Biomass Energy
-Hydro/water energy
-Solar Energy
-Geothermal Energy
-Wind Energy
-Marine(ocean) Energy
-People/scientist knew that the nonrenewable
sources weren't going to last long so they
wanted to conserve, reuse, and create renewable energy
-people decided to create renewable sources to help continue the growth of the economy
-Scientists study the problems in the environment and try to find solutions through technology protecting the environment and resource
-Non renewable energy is used a lot in
places like china because they consume
large amounts of it to continue their growth
-They started creating many manufactured items that used a lot of energy in the industrial age(more than century ago)

Made by: Phillip, Jai
What is a renewable energy
Give an example of a renewable
energy source(give at least 2)
Renewable energy is a energy source that can be used infinitely.
List of Renewable Energy sources:
-Wind energy
-Hydro energy
-Marine energy
-Solar energy
-Engineers and inventors around the world created
solutions to resource shortage and environmental issues
-renewable energy was easier and efficient to use because it had an infinite resource and it was more environmentally friendly
How does Renewable energy affect us?
Why did we start using renewable energy?
When did renewable energy get created
Their goal is to protect the environment and to educate the public
David Suzuki is a Canadian scientist and a environmental activist who fights to preserve our natural resources
Charles Brush designed the first Windmill in Ohio in 1887, which generated electricity
Some developing countries that are using renewable energy are China, India
- Buy energy efficient items that use less energy
- Try to recycle old items and turn them into new ones
Jai: red
Phillip: Black
Thanks for Watching!!
(by phillip)
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